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In the Seastead Storm Survival thread the question was rised why a 500m sphere with a (weired spiral below) as suggested by a japanese designer would have to submerge in first place.

Given my experience with a ballasted blimp shape this is probably just a “concept overkill from a unexperienced designer”…

A 500m sphere is absolutly stable in any ocean condition. Even a 2,5m sphere (or blimp) is so stable that you do not notice a storm inside strong enough to make 14 foot yachts set up mayday calls. Have been there have tested that - personally.

My early prototype in the water, not ballasted yet, me on top of it freeing the crane.

The same hull ballasted with a tower structure on top to keep waves clear from the entrance. The hull is mostly under water now.

inside the hull on the anchor place. I was tooling down here installing some tanks when a storm came up - i did only notice it when i opened the hatch and found that storm rescue operations where in development around my boat. You imagine the kind of cero movement i experienced inside.

For the ocean sphere we suggest the same principle. Ocean sphere from below.

Ocean sphere from above.

Ocean sphere inside

It is obvious that such a ocean sphere will neither have to fear draupner waves nor move in a storm.
This is a key requirement for any open ocean seastead.

A sphere is the most efficient way to enclose the biggest amount of livng space with the lessest amount of material in the strongest possible way.

See more concepts that have storm survival capacity in open sea :

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14 foot yacht? That is the size of a sunfish… You mean 14m?

Also, how are the ballasted blimp things getting along? Concrete + ocean isn’t always a good match.

And why does the entrance have no ladder fixture? Just wondering XD

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In my opinion, that is mostly correct about the overkill.
Though, bigger the better.
I would risk to say that it might not even has to be a full sphere.
Half a sphere dome shape vould do it too, provided it is big enough
for the waves to wash over.

I like the last picture, with the women.


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Lately I have been watcing storms. I see that lighnjng does strike.

There are some standard ways of protection from lighning.
I am sure that I do not have to invent this.

Though an idea occured to me, when the lightning strikes the
saltwater, does it cause any accretion?

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