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Should we keep in mind that the future is based on today? And what should we plan for the next generation who will be born here and the Education system that we should establish? We will probably have children/teenagers who join us with their parents and those who will be born later


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My wife is a former Special Ed Teacher and I think we both agree that scrapping the current test-test-test ‘system’ would be the first major step in the correct direction, but maintaining the lower student to teacher ratios and actually allowing teachers to teach will help a lot.

Telepresence is fast becoming a physically interactive means, rather than a mere video link.

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Hello and Welcome.

I am glad to read you post. I hope you write more.
May be you want to answer those questions you ask.

Should we plan…? It is interesting that you say ‘we’. I like that.
So, we do not have a seastead yet, therefore no children on the seastead yet.

I do not feel that I am an authority and I should establish anything for anyone.
But education system and other things could develop.

May be we should think about adult education too. And this forum could be a part of that.
So, I am interested about your opinion. What would you recommend?

Sincerely yours;


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Helen Welcome, here a first thought on the topic…Actually the idea that children need education goes back to Platon - and what he had in mind is probably something VERY different…

| a rigorous and systematic examination of ethical, political, metaphysical, and epistemological issues, armed with a distinctive method |

not … sit down and learn what i teach…test test next week…

• so seasteading is here to do many things very different on many levels…

• how about thinking rather about a education culture adhering to values than a education sistem implementing something on the little guys …(check on history Google “Gleichschaltung” in Germany)

As post war raised German living in Southamerica, (seen a lot done a lot) i tend to highly sceptic on education sistem…although mine was a good one in global compare. So was Peter Thiels wo gives money to education breakouts…

Actually it is a bit heartbreaking to see how little education some of the posters here have, and how obvious this becomes, when reading the posting history of those individuals…and being confronted with the crudeness and artlessness of their social interaction.

• so work to do i assume…

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When a group of people start living together, we need to establish some basic rules to maintain orders and benefits of everyone. I suggest that the first step of education is how we should live, work, contribute, maintain, etc. Then for the next generation, of course beside the common sense of living that they have to know, they need to learn on other areas. Our floating country will not be as others, since we don’t have land and other land related resources, we will have to learn more and run different kinds of research in other to grown in future. Be able to do so, the current generation need to prepare for that. Education will require not only knowledge but also materials.

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I am still interested about your ideas. Would you like to elaborate?

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Sure. I’m thinking of the draft mapping on this, then it can be explore into detail. Will try something this weekend and load here for opinions


I do agree. The social-political mechanism of seasteading should have been established first. Theoretically speaking.

In practice, it seems that some are OK with “whatever comes” as long they can float something out there.

on a seastead,… if I could contribute to finalize your statement…

All nice. But, who’s gonna pay for all that?

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Hi Octavian,

On the finance topic, of course, it will be the ones who live there - us. We cannot build a home for ourselves and our kids (grand-grand-grand kids) with nothing, can we?

We will need fund for houses, roads, transports, food system, water system, education system, etc. And who join will have to contribute in.

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Hi Ellmer,

I write “Education” with meaning “passing down knowledge and skill” ,not on how the “Education” should be form. Imagine living on the sea (basically), we will miss out of couple reality things that we can find on land, and to pass that knowledge down to the next generation we will need to have “Education”. Science, art, religion, etc based on reality things that surround us.

In another side of “Education”, it should be showing people what is the “living commonsense” - how people should live next to each other. For example, everyone is different, some are right-hand, some are left-hand, kids are blank as white A4 paper, they need someone to write on that, it’s okay to be left-hand when all his/her friends are right-hand, and the difference is nothing to be laugh at.

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Hello HelenTo;

What do you think of the Summerhill School type of education?

"Many schools opened based on Summerhill, especially in America in the 1960s. A common challenge was to implement Neill’s dictum of “Freedom, not license”: “A free school is not a place
where you can run roughshod over other people. It’s a place that minimizes the authoritarian
elements and maximizes the development of community and really caring about the other people. Doing this is a tricky business.” a quote from wikipedia

(ride roughshod over, to treat harshly or domineeringly; override; crush:
He rode roughshod over his friends to advance himself in the business world.)


Definitely so. Would you like to be in charge of that task? You got my vote.

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