New TSI Blog Post: We’re Hosting the President of Honduras in San Francisco


We’re Hosting the President of Honduras in San Francisco

Honduras new Mecca of Seasteading

What do you hope to accomplish?

(Jonas Smith) #3

It’s actually hosted by Lincoln Labs, so the title of the blog post is deceptive. “We” are actually just co-hosting.

I’ve never used Eventbrite before. I was just going to register but is this an online event? It says there are only 148 tickets left so I hope there will be an online component.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #4

It is a big moment for TSI. Saying something despective on somebodies elses great social moment is a bit rude and comes out as “social foul play” - don’t do things that destruct instead of creating - don’t do things that you would not like to be done to you…if we want to advance to “better societies” we should start to respect the “little things” inside our movement.

(Jonas Smith) #5

The title is incorrect. I am correcting the title. How is that negative or “despective” whatever that means?

(Wilfried Ellmer) #6

well if this is your form of “being nice and supportive” you might probably progress better if you work on your skill set…

(Jonas Smith) #7

So it would be more “nice and supportive” if I let the mistake continue to exist? Maybe you should work on your skill set and say “Thanks for pointing out the mistake Jonas! We are all better now thanks to your attention to detail!”


Well, Ellmer, you really did the opposite of what you were saying there! Took you no time at all to corrupt the thread and make it about your “management” buzzwords.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #9

For your support and commitment…

(Wilfried Ellmer) #10

thanks @KatOnTri for not engaging in “pointless doodler fight brabble” - off topic -…i apreciate your positive learning curve.


I am flagging this as off topic, ok?


Since we don’t t have a user moderator, I “disagreed” the flag, just like I do when Wil flags your posts.

(Jonas Smith) #13

Guess we’re not hosting the President of Honduras in San Francisco anymore…

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Right, no president anymore, it now says:

And this bit of humor:

(Jonas Smith) #15

I guess if King Salman of Saudi Arabia can back out from Camp David at the last minute, we shouldn’t feel too bad losing President Hernandez…

I still haven’t been able to find out if there will be any online component to this talk. The tickets are free but I don’t see anything about a link to view it or whether the information will be made available afterwards.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #16

Knowing the situation in Latin America where politics means “local interest groups negotiating their live together” (in the thought lines of Simon Bolivar) the (elected and only short term available) president may actually be the “least important figure” in these talks … so i suggest we just let Randolph do “his thing” and see what comes out…and most of all what info the TSI is willing to share…


That ought to kill off all investor interest there. The situation is too fluid, anyone can come to local power at any time, and void all agreements. And even worse, nationalise (confiscate) everything there.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #18

On contrary - negotiating with the correct local interest group you can get to a solid ground beyond politics and election periods…the president will be replaced, the law text will be changed, the local economic interest group will stay and its interest for the local economy and development will always be genuine that is great seasteading material - if you can handle it properly …

(Cesar Gonzalez R. Esq. ) #19

The first and largest private foreign investors in Honduras were/are the banana companies. After almost 125 years the fruit companies, as we called them, lost their land leases in 1972 but were never nationalized or confiscated.

In the mean time we had more than a dozen coupes and revolutions some of them sponsored by the same banana companies.

all in all I am proud to say my country Honduras is THE banana republic.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #20

@Roatanseazar, Cesar who is the person / family / interest group / running the banana industry in the zone of Fonseca (if there is any) - this would be my first target then to negotiate an agreement that holds beyond politics. The banana industry obviously would be interested in an oceanic deep water port for hassle free fruit export - so the interests could be symbiotic with a seastead…a seastead is a port installation by excellence…(we can make the talk private if you prefer a non - public answer…)