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Hi all,
My name is Cal. I live in California. I joined this forum out of general interest in seasteading. My interest is that there are opportunities to live on the ocean, and produce resources from it. I think that would be beneficial at large for society. I am also interested in business.
I run my family’s business for work. I have a B.A.
I’m working on a blog/ podcast side project/ hobby as well.
I’m always up to talk business ideas.


Welcome to the aquarium, jump in and enjoy. The search engine is your friend, so are the archives, even though there’s documentation, it’s not consolidated, so, you just have to dig…

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@Cseastead, Hello Cal, welcome ! sounds interesting … let’s have a talk ! welcome to the club !


(Using this threat because I suppose it would be an annoyance if I used up space making a separate one.)

Hello, I am also new.

My name is Dan, I live in North Carolina. While I have not gone into college for engineering (I still know a little bit of it though as does everyone in NC with all the carpentry factories around) or the like but I have an interest in seasteading.
I am in a partnership with my Brother for work and while that takes up alot of my time I’m thinking about reaching further in life.


Welcome. Look around and have fun. Share your ideas. It’s all a learning experience, so far.

While there are many concepts, the TSI fave is to build a 50m X 50m barge and put something like a cross between an office building and condos on it.

My objective is to create an incubator site, here, along the Coast in Texas. Essentially a barn with a ramp, storage and parking, but it’s something nobody has done and there is no place to get supplies together and just go build…

Jeff Frusha

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What are your Seasteading interests?


The answer would be complicated, but to put it in as best I can I suppose I’m interested in the already proven and well known Engineering practices combined to create a simple yet stable floating human habitation units.

I’m also liking the idea of in the future different sea communities that declare independence ‘compete’ for immigrants and such, although I don’t think having a bunch of houseboats rigged together would be very sea worthy so I’m not entirely sure how one could get the best of both worlds.


There are many problems with houseboats.

  1. they aren’t designed for long-term use without hookups for water, electricity and sewage disposal.

  2. they aren’t designed for offshore use, but for sheltered positions. Storms and houseboats are about like tornadoes and trailer parks.

  3. they have no provision for long-term food production, so are inherently dependent upon onshore resupply.

… and so on.

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