New floating wind farm


Statoil Floating Wind Farm - Scotland
(stephen russell) #2

Saw sample of off Liverpool UK upon departing on cruise liner around UK.
Small field then, 2012 tour off UK

(Matias Volco) #3

tell us about the cruise and the waters around the isles this time of the year

(stephen russell) #4

Was Princess Cruises Around the Brit Isles Cruise for 2011, prior Games then for London.
Took cruise in June.
Decent weather for UK then, no rain.
Nice the whole time.
Calm waters around Island, NO storms.
Can see the No Sea Oil fields as ship headed north from Southampton past the Dover cliffs that we did not see.
Cruise lines are ideal PR sources for Seasteading alone.

(Matias Volco) #5

Seasteading was reportedly inspired by cruiseships,
if only they were bigger and cheaper at the expense of perhaps slower?
Is there a thread about Cruiseships?

(stephen russell) #6

None that Ive seen & theyre should be,.


The search engine can be your friend… There are 50 mentions of the word ‘cruise’, including cruises, cruise ships, cruise lines.

(Larry G) #8

There is an offshore wind summit coming up in a few days:

AUGUST 9 - 10, 2017 | HOUSTON, TX
Norris Conference Centers Houston/CityCentre

There’s a couple topics which could probably teach seasteaders some things.

Day 1:

Adapting Oil and Gas Design Technology to Offshore Wind Platforms

Some of the most innovative technological advancements have come from the offshore and marine environments. This session will cover the latest advances in offshore wind turbine technology and the automated tools available to determine environmental and mechanical loading responses, predicting fatigue and analyzing structural integrity for safe operations. The session will also touch on the human element by looking at the transfer of engineering skills needed to analyze wind turbines offshore, compared to oil & gas platforms.

Zach Finucane, General Manager, Offshore Renewables, Keystone Engineering Inc.
Phil Christensen, Vice President, Analytical Modeling, Bentley

Parvinder Jhita, Senior Product Manager, Bentley

Day 2:

Successful Operation and Maintenance: Maximizing the Life of an Offshore Wind Farm

The lifetime of an offshore wind farm can be up to 20 years and as more offshore assets are built in the US, the technical and commercial challenges of operating these projects will be increasingly important. In Europe, O&M related activities can account for 25% of the lifetime cost of an offshore wind farm. Innovations in technology including drones, sensors, monitoring and data analytics are just some of the tools that can help to create efficiencies and reduce costs. This session explores key software, hardware and skill sets needed to ensure maximum system availability and ROI for developers and owner/operators.

Jason Folsom, Siemens Gamesa
Anna Hilden, Global Industry Manager Offshore Wind, StormGeo
John O’Keeffe, Manager, Operations & Maintenance and Marine Affars, Deepwater Wind
Phillippe Herve, Vice President of Solutions, SparkCognition

Jennifer Delony, Associate Editor, Renewable Energy World