New Cities Out Of Oil Rigs

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Hi, I am the founder of the Star Kingdom which is project to turn abandoned oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico into small city communities which all of the platforms combined will form a new nation. I have a fundraising page with more information about the project listed here. if you would like learn more about the project or to donate then please go to that link and if you still have questions please feel free to contact me by email at Thank you.


The idea has been proposed before. One problem is actually there are NO officially abandoned oil rigs in the GoMex, in US waters, at any rate. Possibly in Mexican Waters, but then you’ll be dealing with the Mexican government and coast guard.

US has laws against abandoning them.

I think maintenance costs are going to eat you up, as well…


btw, there’s a better pic of Ku Yee Kee and Hor Sue-Wern’s concept art here:

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Hi, Thank you for your comment JL_Frusha. I did not know the idea was already posted about before and I also was not aware of the US law against abandoning oil rigs. Are there any actual feasible projects in the works yet for Seasteading? Because I would really like to at least help out.

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Also I took down the fundraising campaign so that way people don’t donate since I wont be able to do the project that it was made for.


Currently, TSI is working toward a legal agreement with French Polynesia, but that is even before any construction, and their initial design is going to be basically for the wealthy, and see if they can continue to expand. For my own part, I am looking for a property to build and float-out from, with waterway access to the Gulf of Mexico, even as far inland as Oklahoma. My goals differe from TSI, in that I am aiming for just my wife and I, and some ability to expand in the vicinity, rather than a single structure, with multiple dwellings.

I call it Gulfsteading, and it’s not about new government, so much as a new way of life, and being self-sustaining, to the best of my ability, since land-based ‘options’ haven’t been working out.

If a community develops at my prefered permanent mooring, so be it. Make a neighborhood, then see where it goes, if you will.

I’m currently in Texas, and would prefer to stay and build here, and then move out into Texas waters, several miles offshore, rather than trying to go too far from my resources. As a disabled veteran, I do have medical requirements that others may not have.

I hope to have enough space for others to build their own versions, as well. Currently, I have 2 well-thought designs. One is a Tension-leg platform for an RV as a home, the other is a large ‘yacht’ of the Ramform type, though also only a smaller single-couple size.

Welcome to the forum, the search function is very helpful, and the archived old forum is still available, as well.

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The phrase “abandoned oil rig” has just taken on a life of its own. It’s a shame that such concepts are spread so quickly with so little examination, until it just seems like common knowledge that there is such a thing.