My Intro. 3D Printing and Barges

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Ive not been online much but got my 3D rig far enough along to show it and maybe get some feedback.
Its all here on 3DOrchard:

It’s general concept that could be used to build walls using melted sand or barges, etc.
The idea is that the print assembly prints it’s own carrier, which is the structure that it’s building.

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All i saw on the webpage was a impressionistic tree which has fading color. I understand how one might get melted sand, but where do you get melted barges? Is there anything you must do to deal with the stresses of the melted sand or barges cooling? I figure the sand would be brittle, i don’t know about the barges. Can you guarantee no cracking? How is it under tension, and bending?

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You sir have a poor attitude and only get a few seconds of my time.
Good luck with all that.

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And you sir did not support the concept of making anything “using melted sand”. Or barges.