My boring introduction

(Ron Spain) #1

Hello to everyone, I am Ron Spain, age 38, in North Carolina.

Maybe I saw an article or TV show, but I remember drawing a floating city made of interconnected concrete squares in the late 1990s and imagining how everything might work - transportation, utilities, economy, etc. It seemed so feasible. And it still seems feasible. I think there are enough clever people here to make something like that a reality. Many of the designs and technical discussions are impressive.

I am pleased to learn that others are interested in seasteading projects of all sorts, large and small. I will be glad to help anyone however possible. And when my obligations on land are done, I would like to try seasteading myself.

Best regards to all,

(Bob LLewellyn) #2

[quote=“RonSpain, post:1, topic:2569”]
I think there are enough clever people here to make something like that a reality.[/quote]

I agree with you, and welcome to the forum. Let me invite you to look at the Marinea Project to see if that might interest you. I know of other projects but the 2 or 3 that you will hear most on the forum is TSI south seas project and Marinea which is slated for the Caribbean and JL’s semi-submersible design from Texas, He’s on the forum quite a bit so I prefer to let him discuss his project.

By the way, I am in Greenville SC. are we neighbors?


(Ron Spain) #3

Been busy preparing for a big move and had tech issues, but I wanted to finally reply just to say thank you and I will check those out. I’m in the Rocky Mount area, which is not very near to Greenville, SC. I hope to be more active on here soon and join in the discussions with all of you.