Modified Little SSLV (Semi-Submersible Lifting Vessel)


Potential low-cost, shallow-water small-family scale, semi-submersible platform, using refurbished/remodeled travel-trailer for a cabin.

Based off the Little SSLV:


This vessel was specially designed for the Navy’s Lightering system for deployment of barge bridges. The vessel was designed to fold up and fit into a shipping container and be able to run on its anchors while installing anchors for the barges for some 2000’. LITTLE SSLV is perfectly suited for small operations of bridge, dock, pier, and bulkhead work. It is trailer able to reach areas inaccessible by direct waterways.

Shown with 28ft Airstream for scale. Uses 3 deck sections 7ft 6 in bt 36 ft, for a bean of 22ft 6in, and LOA of 36 ft, 12 - 22ft trusses for legs, spreaders and beams, expect diagonal stays with turnbuckles for added rigidity and strength. probably use 4 suction anchors, in Tension-Leg mooring, or 8-12 weighted catenary lines with anchors.

With the trailer centered, it gives room to pass at either end, plus 2 complete deck sections as outdoor space.

Could orient approximately East/West and have a greenhouse along the South side, and shop-space/storage on the North side (Northern Hemisphere, such as Gulf of Mexico)

When disassembled, it would be completely trailerable…

Follow the money
UK Physicist wanting to learn more about seasteading
UK Physicist wanting to learn more about seasteading
Landluber's Guide to Seasteading Feasibility
Experimental small hexagonal platform
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I say Mass produce & add Undersea Module below Main surface platform for true SeaStead.
Production sites: FL CT VA GA NC MD OR WA.
Venues for: Hawaii, Baja Mexico, Caribbean, Med Sea, Off Australia.
Love the idea.
Now to prefab SSLV alone & use 3D printing to produce.
Very doable. OR use trailer park size trailers for project too.
Reuse idle offshore oil platforms as source for making SSLV types alone & scrap from shore.

Project needs:
Comm array, Wind/Solar arrays, Boat dock for supplies
Main Hab Module, Undersea Module???
anchors, sensors.
Helipad??? Diver airlock??
Module to house SeaDoos etc for Rec.
Guest cabin space for 8?
Escape Pod for Evac.
Otherwise as IS.
& mapped for USCG charts alone


At which point it is no longer anywhere near trailerable, nor affordable, which this could be, as is.

Build the pontoons possibly in the shape of something like a Type XXI U-Boat, for better handling, put a pipe with bladders inside to control buoyancy, batteries in a sealed box, as ballast and power storage in each one, and sealed electric drive. Primary motive power via generator, on deck.

Regulate the water with compressed air via connections and lines to the deck. Water would only go into the bladders, inside the pipe, preventing internal corrosion.

Maybe use 6-8 suction anchors, also made of pipe, and pump them out via lines to the deck, during placement.

Ballast down, extend legs down, set the anchors, slowly blow ballast, until desired waterline is reached, lock the anchor cabled, finish blowing ballast for stability.

Totally within range of feasibility.

Hell, build yourself a sub and park it below the pontoons, if you want something underneath. I’m just trying to come up with something practical, and more affordable, for shallower water applications, with as solidly stable a deck, as is possible.


Trailer it to the launch site, float the pontoons, add the spreaders, put the deck on, insert and lock the legs through the deck, into the pontoons. Load the trailer, jack it up, remove the suspension, lower it and tie it down, to the deck. Bolt down the generator and compressor, hook up control lines, power cables and air lines. Load and lash down the anchors, and pilot it like a large party-barge, out to location. Set anchors, and raise the platform. Setup aim and connect to a satellite dish. Raise a marking mast with wind-turbine, and navigational marking lights for nighttime position indication.

Later, setup a simple canopy and canvas walled space to one side for storage, and a similar arrangement for a greenhouse on the other.

It doesn’t HAVE to be all that complicated, to have more independence, with similar space as that in an RV park.

Use an attic- stair and hatch, through the deck, park a runabout in the floating boathouse you just made.

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Simple is good. Uncomplicated is easier to repair and use.

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