Modern fish farm

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I would not expect a knowlegeable answer on this forum, @conradkramer .


Set to dwarf their 1st one…



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Ok, gotta call “overgrown giant green monstrosity” on that one. It’s a huge structure to be merely holding up tank netting, and it’s huge even if it also holds fish food stock AND does fish processing! I cannot help but think torque on that frame due to waves will metal fatigue it to death before it’s paid for (or written off in tax abatements). The white box shown on that hull, and the green hull under it from across the beam, has more internal area than the rather very large support ship tied up to it… and then there’s the REST of the green monster. It’s as if the goal is to have a green monster, vs something to hold up the nets.


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Please keep it real. I stopped watching that CG carp after a few seconds. It’s a modified trimaran, a boat, not a place to grow fish or anything else. It even has a boat propulsion system.



…does not apply…?

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I am not understanding your confusion? Are you objecting to a seastead supplying itself with fish by making fish-friendly artificial reef structures on it’s hull? Are you saying there are people on this forum who have detailed knowledge of the multi-million dollar fish farms in Norway, and they can supply data to us?


Now you’re just being rude. I showed multiple ways of hanging stuff to grow in the sea, be it from buoys anchored to the bottom, or from a vessel, but, rather than acknowledge that, you complain, while telling a new member that there is no intelligible answer to be found in this forum.


Well,… Are you surprised? Because I’m not. This is already a well established pattern here, and I quote from other Noboxes’s replys, ALL ADDRESSED TO NEW MEMBERS :

“TSI is not planning to do any seasteading. They do not design or build anything. They don’t study anything. If you build a seastead, it’s all on you.”

“Sadly, that doesn’t help any seasteaders. (making a donation to TSI, that is) Near as i can tell, anything you do to help TSI has no effect on seasteading.”

Etc, etc,…

With friends like these who needs enemies??

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But one here has DONE it, the answer lies with the links you gave, not from your or my experiences. You did not say what the scaffolding material is, how it’s oriented, the dimensions the trade has standardized on, etc and so forth. And no one, and none of your links, answered his question:

And you go on…

The answer, the experience, the “been there, done that”, especially in the open ocean, as he requested data about, isn’t here. It’s out on the web. It’s no more in this forum than in the wiki of TSI. It’s great that you found some links, but only one of the links you gave is about what to hold tank netting open and hold it up, that spider-like thing that (yea) would make a fine seastead base.

In short, he needs to be asking those DOING the farming already. The links you gave may be helpful to him. But so far, for deep ocean use, no one has given him any help or pointers to solve “I just need a floating scaffolding from which to hang lines”. I have not mentioned the oyster farms of Australia, simply because they are shallow water, with tension lines and such to the bottom.

Sorry i said anything. This is a fine example (there’s actually several reasons) of why i won’t follow TSI to reddit. July 4th will be my independence day from TSI.

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None of that is untrue. Perhaps you are equating TSI with “Blue Frontiers”? TSI cannot even moderate this forum properly!

@Octavian, lets see if any admin or officer of TSI (@joequirk) jumps in to answer @conradkramer’s request for information, ok?


Given a known technique, people can dig for more information and the best source (in the U.S.A.) for the specifics is going to be, because they ARE actively DOING it.

So far, there is one project for the Gulf Coast, off Florida, and they have ZERO infrastructure installed, to date, according to it US Parks and Wildlife people I’ve been talking to. I’m in email contact with National Marine Fisheries Service and the Texas Government Land Office (Tx G.L.O. is also over Sea Grands and Leases in Texas waters), as well as both GreenWave and the second company, as well as Texas Parks and Wildlife, toward my own efforts.

It’s not an easy game to play, to say the least.

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and that may be the best answer he can get from this forum. Go to their site and see what they can offer. But i bet they are anchored.

I don’t know that floating barrels with rope between them can work, because they will gradually pull together. I don’t know that putting spars between the barrels won’t be snapped by waves in storms. I am sure the semi-floating hexagon units floating below the surface near Indonesia are not what he asked us about. I have steel tubing that will float, so i know aluminum will float, but it has no rated carrying capacity as a floatation device, and will be an obstacle to navigation if left floating on the surface.

And octavian doesn’t understand the question (“what’s a floating scaffolding to hang things from?”), so he asked unrelavant questions of his own.

It’s depressing to me that TSI does not have this information in some easy-to-use look-up format for everyone online.


I don’t remember if it was in this one, or the archived old forum, but I remember talking of floating dock sections and spreaders. Given a low current, even dynamic spreaders could be used, same as are used to separate the streamers for underwater survey vessels in the North Sea, which has also been mentioned in here. There ARE options and ways to do it, just a matter of finding what works for a given situation. I showed floating framework ‘vessels’ that stuff can be hanging from (like the nets depicted are…). Being picky about the scale of the depicted example, simply because you consider it too big and too expensive is like saying you won’t eat beef, because you can’t afford the Kobe/Wagyu stuff.


Floating Oyster cages made of PVC pipe…

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I didn’t disagree, it’s just that free-floating in deep water where they cannot be anchored, but where the scaffolding (regardless of the floats) will hold up 1000 lbs of oysters, not allow dolphins to jump over them, etc, i just feel no one has answered his question yet. I didn’t address the scale of his problem or your suggestions.


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Much like the thread i started on BBQ’ing on the water, i wish i could remove and forget this whole thread also.