Media & Theme Islands

(stephen russell) #1

“007 Island: devoted to 007 life (minus casino)
Thunderbird Island: from TV show UK Thunderbirds
WASP Base: TV show Stingray, UK
Pirates Caribbean: Disney??
Gilligans Island” faux remake of Island from TV show, movies.
& others??


Expand real estate offshore
Theme Niche.
worldwide audience esp for 007
select locales for
part of planning for Islands.
house apts & condoes.

007 Island would go for Adults only with these on Island
Stromberg Atlantis complex
Thunderball scuba sets
Rum bar
Main bar
swimming pools, hot tub, sauna
MI6 training center (fake)
Rental Wet Nellie sub car.
Dr No N plant
You Only Live Twice rocket base.
condoes, island
boat dock
dining areas?
No Casino unless Islanders want one.

all co run by production Co for 007.

Apply same to movies The Abyss & Deepstar 6.
Or Mysterious Island, 1961 movie.

Theme parks & Media Islands in One.

(Sheldon Robertson) #2

(Replies in horror) Why minus the Casino!?!?

But seriously, why no casino?

(Sheldon Robertson) #3

Seem to be going pretty well for my cousins tribe… just sayin.

(Mark Stephan) #4

Love the 007 idea.
What about the evil lair inside the volcano? :slight_smile:

(stephen russell) #5

I wrote the Casino is Optional to Island & or to nearby Host nation.
Otherwise all 007
Yes Adults Only & Au Naturale by swimming pools, Grotto ( copy from Playboy but 2X size),
spa, sauna, jungle lagoon.
& Yes one can see “evil lair” in volcano.
But for fun use
dining, hotel, B&B.

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