Marine Architects and Marine Engineers


Linux was built with volunteer help from highly-qualified professionals, so the request/desire for volunteer marine architects/engineers is an appropriate objective for a budding seasteading movement.

It’s quite possible some professionals would participate once the forum moves beyond Schemes & Dreams and some practical experimentation starts to happen.

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Yea well ~300k was spent of the TSI conference in Tahiti so it might be kickstarterable. And I think 900k is more than necessary to get to profitability.

The amount spent on the Tahiti conference is an interesting point. But varying motivations have to be taken into account. Some few of them probably went as much for vacation as anything. Some went because they have various ecology roles that might relate somehow, and hey, “Tahiti”.

The second point, with all due respect is basically meaningless without a specific business plan and proforma analysis of the financial potential of the business plan in context of location, competition, regulatory environment, and revenue projections.


How do u know that $300k was spend?

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TSI published the price of a flight+accommodation package (~$3k) and they expected about 100 people to attend. I think @Elwar confirmed in another thread that around 100 did actually attend. Though some of them were locals.


Oh, I see. You meant that people going to the conference spend that money. I thought you said TSI spend $300k. My bad.

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