Making Kilowatt-hours On A Seastead

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i think you could consider wave power, which is a 24 hours ready source
maybe plus solar and wind power

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So far, we have listed power generator and harvesters :

  1. PV panels, small water movement should not affect aiming
  2. Thermal solar panels, less immune to water movement than PV, for < 150°F
  3. Focused thermal solar for very high temperatures
  4. High tech kite on power cord, aka “lightning attractor”
  5. Thermal Otec
  6. Wave power
  7. Conventional wind “mill”

And for energy storage :

  1. Batteries (lead acid, lithium,redox flow, etc)
  2. Heat storage in liquids
  3. Making burnable hydro/carbons (H2, methanol,methane,etc)
  4. Air tanks submerged to be under pressure

This is just a tally to this point.

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could invite 500,000 or so Nigerians over to build for free a bridge out to the seastead with electric poles included, just buy the copper wire and provide some sort of breakwater.

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How would that help a seastead drifting in the Atlantic, around the Sargasso Sea? I think your solution is to transport power to a site, not to “make kilowatt-hours on a seastead”.

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yes, thats is correct. I forgot the topic, excuse please. Maybe if the water was bluer and the wood was replaced by used tires…that picture could serve as a general outlay of a California based seastead.

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Still off-topic, but the picture does demo some people see seasteading (or at least baysteading) as normal and a necessary thing. Trying to get some scale of size, i see no banana, but i’d wager there’s people on this forum that live in smaller spaces. Add some insulation and a small amount of electricity to each floating cabin there, and it just might work on rivers and lakes outside many large usa cities too. I still have few clues on what work they would do to make $100 per week.

Hey @Spark @Octavian , how about grabbing some fresh sargassum, drying it in the sun, and seeing how effective it is as home insulation? That won’t be making kwh, but it could eliminate the need for a lot of kwh.

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