Long-range fuel-efficient Transportation


In order to avoid aircraft registration and gain fuel economy, for trips to shore, use Ground Effect Vehicles? Hydrofoils might be a tad problematic, if you hit a dolphin, turtle, whale, etc.

Wing In Ground-effect (WIG) has been around a long wile. Some variations even us outboard motors, rather than aircraft engines and large props.

Some designs have been around 85 years, or more…
June 1930







Not big on the hovercraft ones.

Sent email to designer of the Skarver, asking what’s going on with the design.

Outboard motor designs would be problematic, given prop-strikes, but the smaller individual sized Skarver would be good for my trips to the VA, and for routine beer/groceries run. Say every week, or so, at my supposed 9 nm out. I mean, 2-people… How much can we eat…? >.<


Flynano might be a best-bet short-range option, since he’s trying to go all-electric. Original was a 2-cyl chainsaw type ultralight aircraft engine…


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Ecranoplane like vehicles are considered as boats. I think.
I red it somewhere. So these things considered as boats, so no license necessary
to operate them for personal use.

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A lot of them are considered Ultra-lights and therefore no license as well.

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Urge revised Ekranoplanes with keels to keep hulls near water & counter wave actions.
& to use Hovercraft more.
IE the type from UK to France runs.
& Std HS ferry boat IE Catalina Express for Catalina Island So CA.
& connect to nearest land from Seastead colony hub.
Ekranoplanes can carry 300 persons at 400 mph X the seas.
& or 100 tons of cargo.,

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We should consider hyperloop connections between seasteads and land for long range fuel efficient transportation. (This post suffered a flag attack by a bulleying group and was restored )


Oh, sure… Lets connect some sort of giant, multi-billion-dollar flexible tude to moving points in the water and shoot through it at near sonic speeds… HellOOooo…? Anybody home? Hyperloop makes absolutely no freaking sense whatsoever, for anything short of mass-transit between continents.


@ellmer’s intention is to introduce a link to a thread where he has spam links. It’s not about hyperloops. It’s about pushing his spam links at us.

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ellmer’s formula:

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No worries about docking, just drive up to the nearest road.


100 hp equivalent fuel cell, 1000lb capacity… Sure, it’s a drone design, but it sure looks like it could do either/or…


Found this, just a few minutes ago… Even Korea has a leg-up on the US, when it comes to WIG aircraft…











I think for the immediate term, small blue water yachts are probably the best land-link. Aircraft seem to be the kind of thing that would only make sense with a larger population. Or billionaires, billionaires can afford their own helicopter.


Already working on a design idea, based on existing designs. Not everything people do has to be for the rich. People all over the world fly ultralights and homebuilt aircraft every day.

Sailing a yacht may be effective if you have the ability and time, but if you’re trying to get to the store 10+ miles away, do you walk, or take your automobile? How would needing a wheelchair affect your decision? Are you capable of operating a manual wheelchair and carrying, say, a weeks’ worth of groceries, 10+ miles return trip, after having made the initial 10+ mile journey?

I chose 10+, since that is clearly out of sight of land, and out of State waters, in the approximate range I expect to be. Get further out and grow a community and it will become necessary for some sort of mass transit. The newest concept is a 10-place WIG… Although conceived for bay transport, it could readily be used anywhere there is sufficient demand, or need.



Looks awesome. Are there not phone books of regulation for aircraft though? It wouldn’t an issue for intra-seastead stuff, but if you’re entering US airspace I doubt they’d be so lenient.

Good point about the ultralights, maybe I’m overestimating the regulatory burden.

As for sailing back and forth… I figured people wouldn’t be making daily or weekly trips to the store. It’d make more sense to stock supplies on board the seastead and make bulk shopping trips. An air link would certainly be handy though.


Keep in mind, until a 'stead is operated long enough for someone to develop their own SOP for supplies, someone will need be able to just head to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, K-Mart, etc., for whatever they need, and even fuel for generators can be an urgent necessity.

Currently, I live in a spot that is roughly 30 minutes from town. There happen to be several filling stations and a Dollar General in route, so, we balance the list of needs, cost, and availability, against the fuel costs. If the stop-n-rob doesn’t have it, and dollar General doesn’t have it, it’s twice as far into town and the fuel becomes an issue.


I hear you! I lived a long time in a rural place where the nearest store was 8 miles, and the big box stores were 35 miles away. It drove me nuts to do home repair - and end up missing a part on a Sunday where I had to go all the way in. Not to mention the day when I found I had a 2" ball for a trailer, and I needed a 2 1/4" ball (I was just moving it from one spot to another on my property, using my tractor), and no the hitch won’t work with a 2" ball even with duct tape.

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