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Hello, I live in Sarasota, FL, USA and I’m willing to travel almost anywhere in Florida to meet and discuss Seasteading.

As a web developer, my main contributions would be building web and mobile applications to help seasteaders communicate and organize their venture.

I also would love to discuss some ideas about new (new renewed) forms of government in person if anyone is interested.

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I live about 40 miles north from Tampa.
I will most likely move to St. Petersburg, Fl within a month.
Just as information.



Hey Sparky :smiley:, did you get a boat, man?

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I got boat. I sail 2, 3 times a weak. Channels, tides, sanbars, islands, other boats.
I want another boat. Too. Allied Mistress 39 would be nice, 20K.
Stilt houses around New Port Richey.
Next step might be St. Petersburg, Fl for me.

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