List of Current Seasteading Projects

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Those things sit on the halocline/picnocline/thermocline.
They sink in the upper layer and float in the lower layer, grow algae on their bodies,
and eat that algae.


I failed to see where in the article it says “Trawlers go to deep water not shallows.”

Oh, and GOOD LUCK catching that humongous “from 1 cm and up to 15 or 16 cm in length” fish in 1000 m (that’s a 3000 ft fishing line…really?) of water.

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Good luck to you too Octavian.


Here ya go… Happy now?

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No. You need to trawl to catch fish that deep. You can’t “trawl” on a stationary seastead…But wait, you’ll first have to moor that seastead in 1000 m of water,…first things first.

But I did change my previous statement to: “If you plan to eat and (eventually) sell some fish, you better be inside the reef where fish is much easier to catch in 30’-40’ of water, rather than trawling 7 miles off shore in 3000 ft of water, in my view.”


Then there’s the thing about becoming a Fish Aggregation Device, by being moored there…

But, we’re getting off topic.

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I am very happy with that link. Thank you.

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Fish aggregation Devices is my favorite subject.

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In my humble opinion:
The oil platforms are probably made of steel. So iron is the main part of it.
Salt water corrodes the iron, and saltwater gets higher iron levels.
Even all that paint cannot eliminate corrosion.
As we learned from Russ George; iron ions in seawater make plankton grow.
Plankton feed on each other, and finally fish eats the plankton.
Bigger fish eats the smaller fish. You probably got the idea already.

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This just made the news


Rather ironic that Hurricane Harvey is expected to hit right where I wanted to buy and build a hurricane resistant home and shop as an incubator site. Land prices were through the roof, but will drop after this weekend…


That’s way I always insisted on the fact that ALL seasteads should be designed as MOBILE,…


Thing is we need places to build, even to build models and do testing. In addition, we need someone to coordinate routine mail, supply, and grocery delivery.


I agree. BUT as a start up I would first lease a small waterfront parcel with a dock, rather than buying.

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I drove by these manufacturing bays the other day ~$.55/sq ft here in Vancouver:

Here’s what it looks like from an aerial view:

Right next to Christensen Yachts. Rumour among the local yacht clubs has it that their financial straits have them taking in refit work on other brands of boats now too.

I would be more than happy to share resources with anyone who starts an incubator site in my area. I have a number of reference texts, for example. I would be interested in eventually sharing some space to work on boats and similar projects, but I cannot justify leasing such a facility on my own, or even close to it.


Was interested to see an ongoing listing of seasteading projects, sadly it seems this thread has been driven off-topic & @Ekahn has given up on it.
At the risk of returning to the original topic I note that the 3 projects listed are all large-scale commercial or collaborative efforts. I’d be interested to know of any projects or groups building or developing smaller individual or family-sized mobile seasteads along the lines of modular floating platforms with living space & space for some small subsistance+ agri/aquaculture and the ability to move under their own power.

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Feel free to post an intro with your interests in the introductions section. Also be aware of the Wiki:

You’ll find some more narrative or article-based information there. It is a different user database, so you’ll have to register if you want to add content, but you can use the same name and password as here if you like.


Actually, mine is an attempt to find a place and setup for individuals to be able to eventually model, test and then build their own places, not some massive floating condo/resort.

My own initial hull concept is a 1 bedroom ‘yacht’, but intended to motor out and be permanently moored, except for hurricanes and such. Goal is for an Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture arrangement to raise fish, shellfish and grow kelp, in a self-sustainable manner.

STILL need to find affordable real-estate, that has direct access to the Gulf of Mexico, for building and launching from.

Based off the patented Ramform Hull design, proven in the severe weather of the North Sea, even one converted to a turret mooring system as a Floating Production, Storage and Offloading facility.

UK Physicist wanting to learn more about seasteading
UK Physicist wanting to learn more about seasteading

We now have, on the table, one chance to get one incubator site going. We need signatures to show significant interest just to be able to take a Grant Proposal to TSI Board of Directors, for a 1-time grant, to help create this site.