List of Current Seasteading Projects

(EK) #1

Hey all! I’m very interested in getting involved in seasteading but I’ve had a hard time figuring out the state of the realm (for example, I still can’t quite figure out what TSI does – are they building a seastead, are they building awareness?). I have an idea for my own project but if there are other projects going on that seem like they would be a better place for me to put my efforts, I’d love to know about them!

So what I’m looking to make (or be directed to if it already exists) is a list of all of the seasteading projects that are going on. What I don’t want is for this to devolve into another discussion of what a seastead is so it can be a list of any projects that are helping forward the idea of seasteading. So does this exist? If not, let’s create it here!

EDIT: Below will be a living list of known projects going on with contact info (if any) and what they’re looking for/what stage they’re at.

  • TSI French Polynesia condo-barge
    • Contact/website:
    • State: In talks with French Polynesian government
    • Looking for help? (Y/N):

  • JL_Frusha seastead-related incubator in Gulf of Mexico

  • Marinea
    • Contact/website:
    • State: Phase 1 – fundraising (?)
    • Looking for help? (Y/N): Y – Paid Volunteer Program and Philanthropic Interest

(Mariusz) #2

I think it’s mostly about building awareness. Honestly I’m not even sure if they ever visit these forums. It seems like TSI is just kickstarter for some people to sell books, talk at some conferences and add “Board Of Directors” or “Advisor” @ TSI to their resumes. :slight_smile: But at least they provide this forum where like-minded people can meet and work towards making seasteading a reality in this century.

I think this will be a very short list but it’s a great idea…

Some Crypto-Capitalists Just Want to See the World Burn

AFAIK there is one former member trying to build her own 'stead.

TSI hopes to begin building a 50m square condo-barge in French Polynesia, but it will be a billionaire playground, with stated hopes as a research facility, as well.

Personally, I am trying to locate an appropriate property to start an incubator site, to build my own ideas, and have room for others to build, with access to the Gulf of Mexico.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #4

Consider: as long as the threads are overrun by angry people looking for contrarian arguing instead of making progress - what could be the UPSIDE of visiting and posting…context

(Mariusz) #5

Maybe if they did visit and post, there would be less arguing and less angry people?

(EK) #6

Thanks for the responses! I’ll update the first to include a list of everything that we know is going on.

Frusha, do you know of any contact info or websites for those projects that I could put with them? That way anyone interested in learning more about them would have a path to follow! Really I want a list of projects so that people who want to help out can see what’s going on, what they’re looking for, where they’re at so far, etc.

As for your own, is it an incubator site for seasteading-related startups or for any startups?

(Wilfried Ellmer) #7

Actually @RandolphHencken | @joequirk | do post sometimes and even respond to intelligent conversations…

The fact that they did not latley has probably to do with, that there was said little intelligent and conversation worthy latley…(only angry birds spilling their bilis over the forum) best attended by ignoring.

To find out what is the kind of conversation they use to engage in - check this thread | emergent law

Hypothesis: there is no upside in engaging in arguing with angry people on an internet thread…for a serious project developer it is better to keep details to the boardroom…

If these forums want to get intelligent and important people to speak out here, they need to find a way to “shush the angry birds dominating the scene” and get to a much smarter debate style. Formenting an atmosphere that the smart guys who have the “insider info goodies” feel motivated to release them here.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #8

Seasteading is the most de-centralized thing you can imagine - so consider - the intent to create a "centralized project list" like in the communist plan economy - might not be a really great one - a bit like the intent of creating a "list of all companies engaged in internet"...or something like that...

• in former threads the hypothesis that all marine business is somehow leading to seasteading was coined.
• some people think building a weather buoy is advancing seasteading - some don´t
• how would you be able to have a list if you don´t even have a all side accepted definition what seasteading is…

@Ekahn | so if you insist - good luck on that. | my version of a project list (if there is such a thing) is [here]( )...
@6d6b73 ... please understand to have a debate with me you need to make a point - to make a point you need to say something smart...not like below...that is doodler talk ... i will not opt in... There are 493 users my posts are directed to - about five of them have achieved by the nonsense of their postings that i DEFINITLY do not talk to them as i consider it would be great if you would not join that group... | [read more](

(Mariusz) #9

@ellmer I did not realize that when you mentioned “angry people looking for contrarian arguing instead of making progress” you were talking about yourselves.

Seasteads will be decentralized when they are created. But currently they don’t exists, so there is nothing decentralized about them. Just because something is decentralized it does not mean that we can’t keep track of it. This has nothing to do with central planning, it’s just a way to stay informed about what’s going on in our community.

Project List, as proposed by @Ekahn would be a great resource for several reasons.Not only will it make some of the projects that need help or attention move visible to people who had no idea they exist, but it will also prevent people from doing the same thing someone else is doing (unless they really want to do it).

Maybe it was coined but not proven. Just because some business does marine stuff, it does not mean that they are helping seasteading. It would be equal to saying that any electronics business is in space exploration business, because we need electronics in space.

Seasteads, and floating cities will need set of very specific technologies, developed especially for this specific use case. We will need technologies that don’t exists yet, and we will need to redesign some of them, like the internet and cellphones to work in more decentralized way. Simply speaking, not every marine business is going help seasteading.

I could respond to that in a mean, aggressive way but that would not help me or you, or seasteading, so I’m just going to say this - we’ll see soon enough who is right.

So the central planning is bad, unless it’s @ellmer who is the central planner?

(Mariusz) #10

From what I see it’s impossible to have a debate with you, as you can’t even properly debate… Edit function is not to add more text to posts but to fix mistakes.

I will really try my best not to feed this troll anymore.

(Larry G) #11

I’m unsure of the extent of their practical efforts, but search for Marinea in your favorite search engine.

(EK) #12

@ellmer I understand that the idea of seasteading is to have a decentralized set of cities/nations/governments/whatever but that has no bearing on the fact that as of right now it is difficult, as someone new to the idea and interested in getting involved, to find out what projects are currently being worked on to help further the cause. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s cities, apartments, house boats, oil rigs, buoys, incubators, floating islands, floating airports, or whatever that people are working on if the intent is to help determine good ways to live on the sea. The political ideologies and differences can come later but right now I’m interested in trying to collect what information is available about the current state of the art so to speak. So my question is, why is any sort of list-building or data gathering bad? And the list doesn’t have to be of seasteads – as you pointed out, that definition seems to be a sticking point around here. I just want to know what physical projects are actually being realized by people who are like-minded in getting out on the ocean. And while yes, we could include information on every sea-going vessel that exists but that might become burdensome so let’s limit it to whatever the people on this forum think is worthy of a seastead-related project and then go from there.

Rather than let this devolve into a debate over the merits of such a list, I’m just going to update the first post with any projects that people suggest with any relevant info and I invite everybody to put up projects that they know about that they think are related to seasteading – it can be anything from Marinea (thanks @thebastidge ) to someone who is currently testing geopolymer cement for use in building seasteads.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #13

The philosophy of seasteading goes probably even deeper it is about having a decentralized approach to politics, science, progress, organizational issues and life in general -

Historicly Seasteading is advancing the old enlightenment questions. | Do we need Kings | can science uplift humanity |

Seasteading is rather a humanistic meta idea about how the future should look like than a list of something …

On the other hand it is part of the seasteading ideal that everybody shall get his way - so everybody who insists in building weather buoys | pooping on his salad | floating out his family on a rusty steelbarge | making lists | or do endless ridicoulous comments on a forum | to advance the oceanic decentralized future of mankind - is free - and from my side encouraged to do just that…

The way of the oceanic business alliance is a bit different - but that is a question of taste and investor input in the boardrooms - i assume…

Hypothesis: The closest thing to a list of all seasteading projects you might ever get is what google turns up when you use the search term “seasteading”…

@JL_Frusha | boring conflictive brable below - i opt for: nutcase segment best attended by ignoring... ...seasteading is about creating a world of opt in opt out choices ... when it comes to be listed or debate with people like Frusha (and his fellow 3 nutcasers on this 493 user forum who try to dominate the scene ) i prefer the opt out...[more on that topic here](


Ellmer’s philosophy is whatever sounds like a good idea, that he can swipe, and try to make a profit lying about investors, to try to dupe people into giving hom free money is good. In his book, anything he cannot directly take credit for and profit from is useless.


Thank you. I DO SERIOUSLY try to ignore you. I mean, just how serious can one take the deepest thoughts of a parrot feeder that lies about investment opportunities, investors, technologies that don’t exist, misrepresented technologies, and stolen buzz-words…?

(Randy) #16

Ekahn - Best of luck on the list, I’ll follow this post in the hope that some interesting projects do come to light. As far as TSI goes, I’ve been following them for years and unfortunately it’s just been a lot of talk and pretty marketing images of floating cities. No real attempts to actually build anything so far. The French Polynesia project is the closest I’ve seen yet to an actual attempt at implementation, so I’m cautiously optimistic about it and did donate $ to the cause.

I’m currently bogged down with a couple of land-based businesses which take up most of my time, but I’m keeping an eye out for the right project. Since I don’t have time to be a trail blazer and start something on my own I’ve just been lurking on these forums waiting for an actual project to get underway and jump on-board from there. Happy Holidays to all!


JL_Frusha seastead-related incubator in Gulf of Mexico
State: Texas/Louisiana (most likely)
Looking for help? (Y/N): Yes, but pending other things at the moment

Goal is usable waterfront with access TO the Gulf of Mexico, not necessarily high-dollar beach-front property.

My initial plan is to simply build a semi-submersible based off the Little SSLV, probably with a LOA of 40ft, modular width to ~36ft, deck of ~24ft by 24ft, with a small Airstream refurbished for the cabin. Sectional legs with diagonal bracing, for estimated 10 meter deck to semi-sib pontoons, when moored, and 5meter waterline… Considerably higher than typical 1m waves as well as potential rogue splash height. Build wherever and trailer to the GoMex, launch and moor.

Property of 2-5 acres would give room for a shop, a large ramp, as well as a small homestead to base operations from, including space for people to come build, and for regular supply runs.

Then begin building the Ramform I’ve come up with, moor it in the current, upstream of the SSLV.

Survey Question - Unit Price Amgiguity
(EK) #18

Thanks, that’s kind of where I was at, hoping to find a good project to devote my time to. Since I didn’t find any I figured what better way than to crowdsource the information and make a list!

@JL_Frusha thanks for the info, I’ll update the first post.

That looks like a pretty cool project. If/when you get to the point where you need help post it up and I’ll update things! That definitely looks like it’s coming along though, which is really exciting.

(Chad Elwartowski) #19

From my research I would recommend Texas if you cannot get a lot directly on the gulf. I looked into oversized shipping laws in the various gulf states and Texas allows the highest clearance if that is something you will be concerned with.

I lived in north Florida and there are plenty of gulf front properties that are fairly cheap. Also consider rivers that go out into the gulf, it might fit the requirements.

Though most likely you may want to start with renting a spot at a ship yard, at least in the prototype stage. They have most of what you’ll need already.


Born and raised here, in Texas, however, land prices are through the roof. Currently looking at the possobilites further inland, even areas like the Port of Catoosa, outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Sure, it’s several weeks travel by river to the GoMex, but what matters is access to the GoMex, and access to materials.

Inconvenient and inaccessible as a resupply point, but, perhaps after a hurricane or two, Gulf Coast real estate will be more realistic.