Lifeboat to sea-stead conversion

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Hello There,

I have been reading the content of this forum for a while, so thank you very much for the thoughts and insights! :grinning:

Finally signed in to introduce my current project: Teba :ferry:

A 45ft steel lifeboat that will be used as a starting point for a floating seastead to develop. It is like a seed from where garden barges, seaweed culture will grow and more floating buildings will be added.

My background is in mechanical engineering, interaction design and human process design so it provides me with some bases for thinking about the big ideas of seasteading but the building process is slow due to lack of time, knowledge, cash and moorings…

The boat will contain a first house equipped with a large capacity watermaker and solar panels to be able to produce for more than itself. There would also be a floating solar stirling which i am currently designing. And a comfortable living space around 36 m2.

Current stage is that it is in the process :slight_smile: . I moved in it Halfway through building for 2 months with my girlfriend in order to test the first builds and all the ideas we had. and now away for professional reasons i am ready to hit it hard in the summer and finish it nicely!!

here is a link with more pictures:

Project was made in Denmark but i am french and currently based in Barcelona. Seastead location will most probably be the mediterranean sea. Creating refugees communities on water is definitely in my future plans and i am right now looking for a shipyard to start producing structures.

Thanks for taking the time :wink:

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Thank you for the picture.
I am glad you are here .

Best regards;

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I really like the idea that it’s not a conventional bathtub approach. When you close the doors and windows, it stays dry inside. And it’s a nice size. Good deal there!

Have you taken it out into open waters with your wife pregnant? Have you considered stabilization devices, like deployable heave plates or amas?

And have you secured permanent (or storm duration) sheltered mooring for it? The legal hookups that don’t come normally on a lifeboat?

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yes, well, except when it’s raining, doors are on the top…

ahaha she is not pregnant (at least not that i know of) but i know it looks like on this picture.

For stabilization i will add side hulls to make it into a trimaran.

Mooring is a complicated story. The plan is to have this house rented out in a city to generate revenue and allow me to build more floating buildings. I know from relations that the city the boat is in is working on a new houseboat space where it will be temporarily until the other pieces of the seastead are ready. :slight_smile:

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For rent like Air BnB?

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I’m not a big fan of short term “holiday” renting solutions, especially in a vessel that must be taken care of. It feels much safer to have somebody that knows about the maintenance and that i can hold accountable. Then i will probably give him/her the possibility to use airbnb when he/she is away.

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why not sail it to Svalbard islands, as i knew almost everyone could went there and live freely

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The sea is quite tough around Svalbard…

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I concur. People who rent boats for the day tend to trash/sink them.