Life Support tech for Space Missions

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I was curious if there had been any discussions on using closed life support system technologies designed for Mars missions. It would probably make sense to use the ‘waste’ to produce clean water and food in order to become more or perhaps completely independent and self-sustaining.

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@RobSuters | things have moved forward since the biosphere 2 experiment - i am confident that our group can pack a small family of 4 in a 12 m diameter “ocean sphere” on a full recycling base, that includes food, water, and breathing. The key tech that changed the required size is LED supported aeroponics, and algea based rebreather sistems. (type : Lloyd Godson)

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Biosphere 2 was a great experiment that drew a lot of public attention and made people aware that perhaps we should look after our resources with a little more care. I would be very interested to learn more about how you are designing an autarkic ‘ocean sphere’. I have a personal interest because I represent a non profit foundation that is member of a European space research program MELiSSA. the consortium works on close life support systems and it is my passion to apply this on Earth. We obviously did a lot of work on algae and artificial lighting. I just love the idea of autarkic floating cities!

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