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I have been lurking around the SeaSteading concept since I came across it many years ago but it is about time I got more seriously involved. I am pessimistic about the survival prospects for Home sapiens into the near future, let alone the far future but there are bright spots and SeaSteading is certainly one of them.

The first house here:

is nearly finished (it has been a long time coming - I started the process about 15 years ago but have been slowed down with health issues of various family members and other issues). The original plan always considered that this first village would be a prototype for more such villages around Australia (creating physical and virtual communities) but now I think it is time to also become involved in the SeaSteading project as it overlaps significantly with what I was trying to do on land.

Congratulations to all who have helped get the project to get to the stage it is today - if we are going to survive at all, it will be because of innovative, courageous projects like this one.


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Floating assisted living communities… i like that !

We might go in that direction with the Cholon Project…

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@ellmer ,


LEVs are not really assisted living - more eco friendly and low tech (Tai Chi and Vegies) to high tech (brain scanning and stem cell therapy) with an emphasis on health and longevity.

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@Philip_Rhoades_P | Your link | Cholon Project

In the context of “Anti Aging” and “stem cell research” - oceanic platforms check this |

• There is a lot of important business to do on the ocean.

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Very nice - how many of those are actual constructions?

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Hi Philip;

I am glad you are here, and let everyone know about it.
Thank you for your post.

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