Let's introduce myself to begin learning about you

(Tim) #1

Hello to the seasteading community !

I’m Tim from France near Paris.
Please excuse my English if I make some mistakes.
But the good news is that it will be improved by communicating with you.
Currently I’m an Analytics consultant/Manager.

I heard about TSI in 2015, got the newsletter since then and answered to the survey.
But before learning about the MOU with French Polynesia I was more in a “wait and see” position.
Now that it is more concreate I want to learn more about seasteading so I decide to join these discussions.
We are at the beginning of something new.
Let’s see what is coming !
I’m looking forward to discuss with you.



Welcome and feel free to join into the discussions. There is plenty of information in this forum, so use the search function. Also, the old forum is archived and available, too. Some of us have been in this forum a long time, but none of us are experts, as there are no seasteads, so far.

There are many opinions, and many approaches. My own aim is for a small family sized offshore vessel, rather than a floating condo/city. Let a community gather, instead of building a huge thing and filling it with a chosen few.

(Tim) #3

@JL_Frusha Thank you for your answer and your advice about the search function.
My current opinion on seasteading is a mix of something big and a great and strong community.
I think it will evolve with the discussions and the gathered knowledge.