Legal uncertainty can be a asset that a good project manager can work in favor

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I really don’t consider Ben Bernanke or the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis as “desconnected texts”.

And that is big talk coming from someone whose source is “A good lawyer told me once” and your understanding of “Living in a Latin american culture”.

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There are other indications also.
For example that Japanese fishing boat was washed to shore in America
2 years after the tzunami. It was not sunk on site. There probably were
international dialogs between US and Japan and Canada.
The boat was around US waters around Alaska, before that it wa probably
in Canadian waters. Finally the US sunk the boat, but it took weeks.

Same thing with the Ljubov Orlova, it was drifting for a long time before,
I donno what happened to it.

And there was that Persian guy in a hamster wheel in Florida. USCG saw him,
they talked to him, and left him alone untill that distress call he denies he made.

And there was a Bulgarian man in England, bouth a dinghy to paddle across to USA,
with a valid passport and a valid US visa. The Royal Coastguard took a long conversation
with him before they pulled him out.

These are indications that civilized countries, and authorities do not fire on site to sink

That floating house in Florida took a long time too. There were appeals, and the first
decision was declared wrong because it was judged as a vessel. None the less, it was not
the authorities, but some private realestate developers who sent the authorities.

Being out of jurisdiction might help a lot, for being left alone. Being out of site and
quiet might help too. Being USGC friendly is essential.

There is not much of a point to get investors, and a big hupla business, because it
draws attention.

For me, this is my opinion at this time. I am not saying that I am right, I am just
saying, this is how I understand it.

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Nobody is saying that the authorities will blow you out of the water as soon as they come across you. They will always ask nicely first and will only resort to warning shots if you choose to ignore their requests. And they will actually damage the vessel in the most extreme of circumstances, such as if you fire at them first or look to be about to do something stupid like ram them.

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Good point. Just because they do not fire right away it does not mean friendliness.
The same way as not oaying taxes would not result in jail right away, but eventually
it would. And the existance of jails makes that initial nice letter from tge IRS a threat.

Although sovereign entities can be played agains eachothers. For example the
Japaneese fishing boat drifting from Canadian waters to US water back and forth
confused both countries, US and Canada. This could be used to advantage.
What if the seastead floats into Mexican waters before USCG would fire, or board
or vica versa.

Now you see me now you don’t. With little money invested into a seastead, there
is not much money to loose. Authorities would unlikely to kill persons, or would
never admit to it, but we have seen different things before, like Wako Texas and
the breanch of Davidians.

And remember Elian Gonzalez?

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Planning a private party rescue is necessary.

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I sincerely think that seasteading is the cutting edge of human sovereignty.
No guts, no glory.

Long time ago I crossed a border in a hurry. Others did not, and they are still
wondering if they should have or should not have.

It is never too late for sovereignty.

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Catch 22;
Orr got shut down with his plane and crash landad in Sweeden.
Sweeden was a neutral, peace country during ww2.
Orr was rescued by an all woman sweedish walleyball team.
When Yossarian heard about it, he got in an inflatable dinghy and
started to paddle from Italy to Sweeden.

Orr used to say: Fly with me, Yossarian!


Or if they cannot safely tow the ship back to their base at land. The won’t leave a ship drifting, it may get into another ship’s path and cause damage. In the right conditions, they may leave people on board, if the uscg believes those people can save the ship, and they are not in danger, as long as they are legal. No one said the military is a bunch of blood-thirsty a-holes, but they require you to play by their rules, and they have rules they will play by.


The uscg would chase into Mexican waters, no questions about it.

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Yep, UNCLOS Article 111 gives the right to hot pursuit of a foreign vessel.

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…text fragment out of context is meaningless…context is what gives meaning…


That’s true, so what are you talking about?

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@kensims, can we have “invitation only forums” where topics can be debated under a quality standard? - seems to be necessary…


That’s a very unscientific request. You will have only people who agree with you, and won’t help correct you when you make mistakes. And anyone not invited cannot ask you a question. You’ll go on saying, trying to teach, that it’s ok to launch unregistered boats, for instance.

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actually i am just tired to explain basic concepts…and would like to interchange with knowledgeable people …


While the software certainly supports invitation-only categories by a combination of category security and custom groups, and while we might at some point do that for other purposes, we are not going to do it for some “quality standard”.

Who would decide who the “quality” participants are? (The number of Likes is not a valid criterion of quality.)

I’m sure you see yourself at the top of the list, but if I were making the list you would not be near the top (nor would I for that matter). Some of your posts are really good, but far too many of them are in my opinion a waste of space.

Also, there would be resentment on the part of the people who weren’t included.

So as far as I’m concerned there isn’t going to be any “quality”-based dichotomy of forum participants.

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@kensims, frankly i have no interest in “your personal opinon” nor in your “ranking” nor in your “ranking method” - what i was searching for is a way to convert at least some of the forums in a “quality info source of interest” with “nutritive information”- i get from this post that this is not the kind of politics you have in mind…at least not for now i am good with that and will accordingly “waste less of your space” in a future.


Shame you cannot share your work, or cement experiences, the hands-on stuff, the real things, what people are really doing.


I really don’t care what you think of me or my opinions.

But as usual you completely missed the point …

If we were to have “quality”-based invitation-only categories, there would have to be some kind of ranking system.

Different people would rank the various forum participants quite differently, so who decides?

I’m certainly not going to do it.

The quality of your posts vary so widely, yet you seem to think that they are all first class, so you obviously aren’t the one to do it.

Nor is it something to vote on. Popularity does not equal quality. (If you doubt that, just look at some of the people who get elected in United States politics. Or what is popular in movies and television.)

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The usual way is to have rooms and groups where people who want to socialize with each other can “have their thing” without being molested - what ever “molested” means for a specific group.

Gun violence group can have its gun violence talk without being molested by me - i am not invited to post. Scientific debate group can have its quality debate without being molested by “pointless arguing”. The group decides who qualifies (by the quality of his posting) and is invited to a meeting just like in real life -

This is why the discourse software has this kind of functionality in first place. Each group may have its own rules and netiquette.

If you let the jungle rule the less educated talk most, the quality goes down the drain, the important and the educated people loose interest, the forum as such goes down the drain…You never get a source of quality info of any kind because few pieces of quality info gets always hidden at page 500 of “stupid talk” nobody will read. - i am wasting my time and your space here already trying to argument the obvious? at page 40 of a non topic related thread - maybe - probably - consider it. As webmaster you might be interested in forums that are worth to read instead of having “toddler talk” spread all around. - Why do the most important proponents of seasteading post in CATO and not here - think about it. Quality standard and cut off of toddler talk might be the answer.