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I am going to vote against pedophiles and Ellmer’s spam same way Bob did: i’m leaving too. There’s nothing else i can do.

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Just ignore it. I refuse to acknowledge spam posts or obvious trolling and will no longer respond to certain users. But when you leave…they win. And every time they win a kitten cries…


However there is something I can do. It’s one thing to post his stuff in current topics, but it’s going too far to resurrect multiple older topics just to post his same images and links.

@ellmer is suspended for a week.



Ok, Jonas, we’ll see. Ken finally taking action helps a lot. Maybe i should just respond to private msgs, but then people would spam me privately, wouldn’t they? I dunno, everything is a tradeoff, and it feels wrong to trade off good people vs the right to blast the forum with “not spam” and discussions of illegal topics.

Thanks for your reply, Jonas.

I’ve spent the day outside welding on a 2x4x16 floatie. It’s just too hot, really, it was 99 in a town not far from me, and i could work only 10 minutes at a time away from the fan. Spent way too much time dealing with cuts not being made square at the mill, dimensions being slightly off from piece to piece, etc… But at least i am making actual real seasteading things and not spewing cgi pics all over the forum. If i was at sea already, i could be doing all this work at night, when it’s 20 degrees cooler. Welding is quiet, grinding isn’t.


Thanks. I need to suggest you delete the posts that got him banned, and any similar posts.


I was short on time earlier, when I was both on my lunch break and on a business conference call at the same time as I was reviewing what ellmer had done, suspending him, and emailing TSI to notify.

Having more time now, I’ve reviewed his most recent posts and deleted six of 14.

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Haven’t been on here for about a week. Otherwise occupied with life-changing events. Testing shows I have severe central apnea, meaning I don’t breathe often enough and it wakes me over 30 times per hour. STILL awaiting a C-PAP, but will see what happens.

I’ve tried to avoid resurrecting dead topics. Hard to do, when there is relevant info, but I try posting a link, instead.

The old forum pretty much died over the sniping. This one has mostly avoided that. May I suggest that we find a way to limit pics to thumbnails and off-site hosting? I don’t know, personally, how to accomplish the thumbnail part, but I have a photobucket account, where I post pics, before sharing the link, here. The ones I did not do that to are the pdfs converted to jpegs, though I could and (hind-sight) should have done it.

I think it should be obvious that we all have our own ideas on what constitutes a seastead and how they should be built.

@octavian and I seem to butt heads a lot, and I apologize for my part in that. His method will probably work for his idea, but not mine, and vice versa. It should be noted that BOTH are variations on ferrocement construction, and will benefit from similar methods and improvements in materials, which is why I tried to share relevant stuff in the ferrocement threads. Our goals are not exclusive, just counterpoints. He is a city-builder, while I am more of a farmer. His city will need food and will have services I want to make use of. Plenty of room for developing a mutual appreciation for what each of us has to offer.

I had a bad case of cold-feet and pulled a lot of my stuff from here. I DID save the archive of my posts, before deleting. I don’t know exactly where, in this laptop, I have that data saved. If there’s a simple way to restore them, I would appreciate the info., otherwise, once I find them, I will edit and repost those that are relevant. I continue to battle the chronic fatigue of oxygen deprivation, so it may take some time.

On Ellmer’s behalf, at least he DID build the ferrocement semi-submersible. Of us all, he seems to have the most hands-on experience, so far. I expect to need access to that expertise, at some point.

If I may… Message me any suitable subject and I will attempt to help with research. I may be the single most available person, for that, and I probably know more useless information than y’all can imagine… I’m willing to help, where I can. Give me enough detail to be certain of what I think I’m searching for and I will try to send you information.

This place is still having its’ growing-pains, but we can all learn from each event. Seasteading is going to be an effort at cooperative living, even if you only sail up and dock for shopping.


The issue with @ellmer isn’t on-site versus off-site, it’s that he posts the same images over and over and over and over (and the same links to his websites over and over and over and over), even when they are off-topic (despite the fact that he’s quick to jump on other people for being off-topic).


Thanks a lot for doing this Ken.

I have at least one new topic (using existing ocean going barges as a platform), that I haven’t posted, because every time I think of it, I think it will go 3 messages and then hijacked by Wil into underwater spheres and offsite links. Look what he did on my thread on “optimal draft”.

What about the waves!?!

That conclusion is illogical, and i fail to see the point of the post. What’s up, Matias?


Looking forward to seeing what you have. It occurs to me that some (if not all, by now) of the garbage barges , are center-dump. One of those might be perfect for my means of making the spar-buoy sections of my concept, with a second as a supply platform. One of those bits of info. that may prove useful, someday.

@kensims Is the thread originator allowed to edit the thread he/she creates? That could also provide a partial solution.


Unfortunately no, not without being granted special authorities that would allow editing anyone’s topics and posts.

If it were possible, I’m sure there would be a lot less of ellmer’s posts on this forum.


I’m still new to this sea steading thing but as for Ellmer, I do have to give him credit for changing my line of thinking with his underwater spheres and his especially inspiring floating concrete dish valley thing, I do learn a lot from his posts from time to time and even tho he re-posts a lot sometimes it can be helpful to new people.


I must have missed all the drama, pedophiles? What were people saying exactly?

Ellmer’s posting can be excessive, on the verge of spam, but the message is useful. If he has been banned, well that’s it I guess. I don’t see how deleting all his old posts would help. If not, maybe if he restricted his posts to linking to previous photo-essays? That way he could still reintroduce his ideas to newcomers like AmericanSlave while not blowing up every thread with the same folders full of concept images.


Ban is temporary. How long he decides to stay gone is another thing entirely. I was never blocked, in the old forums, just got fed up with all the flame-wars and took a hiatus.

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