L.O.S. Logistic Oceanic Stations Plan

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L.O.S. Logistic Oceanic Stations Plan
At Yours Attention.

Workshop Logistic
Oceanic Stations of support to Maritime Activities you’re a Lover of
Life of Sea, If Your Company is interesting of Maritime Economics,
you’re a Seaman , if you’re a Mariner this Conference workshops and the
Projet might interest youL.O.S.

The project involves the construction of 55 stations “

L.ogistic O.ceanic S.tations of support to Maritime Activities

55 L.O.S. Surface / area of 125,000 square meters with 5 levels of
elevation Areas Open Walkable, Building Plots areas for Accommodations
Population, crew, tourists sea, Services and Commercial Areas, Areas
Maintenance, Energy Production Areas with an elevation of pyramidal t otal approximate 500000mq L.O.S. each of which 375000 square meters Building Plots 125,000 square meters of Open Areas
The project involves the construction of 55 los for a total 27.5 million square meters area

27500000 m2 (square meter) equals to:

Los Logistic Oceanic Stations Plan

27500000000000 mm2 (square millimeter)275000000000 cm2 (square
centimeter)2750000000 dm2 (square decimeter)27500000 m2 (square
meter)27.5 km2 (square kilometer)275000 a (are)2750 ha
(hectare)42625085250.171 in2 (square inch)296007536.45952 ft2 (square
foot)32889726.27328 yd2 (square yard)10.617809359917 square
mile6795.397990347 acre

The development of the program L.O.S.
Would give the Possibility ‘Working to housands of people, would be a
great engine for the’ Maritime economy, you would have increased
security in the oceans, would grow business relationships and sharing
life very important.

If you like this project and you seem
interesting and important for the economy of the future and the Seas,
participates actively in with your Company. or simply because you’re a
fan of Sea Life .

You can help the development of the project L.O.S. Becoming Patner, Sponsors, Ambassador or simply supporting This .

 Take Part in Buildingof L.O.S. Program

 Becoming Patner of L.O.S.

 Becoming Sponsors, of L.O.S.

 Becoming Ambassador of L.O.S.

 Takes part Pre-registration “ Conference _Workshop “ 

“ Logistic Oceanic Stations of support to Maritime Activities

 Share it and Keep in Touch
 Tikets ink. Entry workshop. Breakfast and Lunch Buffet. Smart Card Community. T shirt L.O.S
 Los Logistic Oceanic Stations Plan

Official Site L.o.s Program

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https://www.facebook.com/ events/819143811539766/
Thanks Regards
Alessio Nanni

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To do that, there is need of automatic weapons.
If the sky turned green, would you want that live in Syria?
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The money they should put all the states of the world. and companies that participate in the construction. companies that want to establish themselves in the stations. There are so many unemployed people in the world. the building would be a real chance to work. would support the economy of the ocean, the world population is growing, and in fact no one wants to buy syria or brazil. maybe they can accommodate Syrian refugees and other

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precisely support stations .for activities’ maritime. the money there are also too many .In banks and large companies. some states in the world they can invest and lend money to states that do not have money. say that so much money is invested in unnecessary shit.

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Is it OK to say shit? Do I get suspended for it?

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Alessio Nanni is my grandfather.

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where do we sign petitions for, love this, awesome.

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For LOS IF warranted.

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whom ever favors LOS to begin investing alone.

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Love to help in anyway I can.

Could you fix your website.

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Good . if Possible .

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Good ideea J Make Petitions

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