Kelp? and water?


Kelp and seawater can also be combined and used in a seawater Biogas Digester, inoculated with Methanogens that are in oceanic sediments (bottom sludge).

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So floating around in the Sargasso Sea is a good idea!

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Don’t bet on it…

… Facultative marine fungi normally occupy terrestrial or freshwater habitats, but are capable of living or even sporulating in a marine habitat. About 444 species of marine fungi have been described, including seven genera and ten species of basidiomycetes, and 177 genera and 360 species of ascomycetes…

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What was that about tetanus?
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What was that about “flesh eating disease”?

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What about nexus? How about inconvenience?
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To support algae growth in oceanic deserts, which are clear blue and not supportive of phytoplankton, use iron powder to promote algae growth. This has been researched and exploited in pilot plants as delineated in:

This could be a primitive startup process where empty ocean can be induced to populate with a fundamental form of life such as algae, which support higher forms of phytoplankton and so on up the food chain.

There are rejoinders to this sort of ‘dumping’ by those who say the above action would pollute pristine areas of our oceans.

Since Seasteading will be based on government-free geographical areas that argument becomes moot.

Your comments and expansion of this concept will be appreciated.

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I recall someone mentioning this in the 1970’s, even using planes to carry the iron out and dumping it over large areas periodically. My question in doing this for seasteading purposes is: if you fertilize the water at location X, how far away will the water have drifted to be at point Y at maximum profit potential?

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I am not against iron dumping in a limited form. I would be very careful about it, even when
there are no governments to regulate it.

The oceanic desert might not be such a desert, I donno.
There are dubious things out there, such as tunacrab.
And there are the elephant seals that live most of their life in the open ocean in the water.
Those seals dive very deep. I guess, they get food.

I m not part of any regulatory agency so I do not enforce the law, (in this case rules and regulations)
The same way as I am not the traffic police, and I do not pull anyone over for running a stop sign.
If nobody got hit, and someone made a traffic violation, I do not enforce.

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I cooresponded with the scientist, Russ George who assisted the Haida Gwaii Band of natives in British Columbia, who consider themselves ‘Seasteaders,’ in their own right. I asked him the same question. He replied that the 120 tonnes of iron powder stayed in position in the selected area for several days. Also, the expected algae was measurable after a very short time (days). A reference to this experiment is at:

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Yes, Russ George posted a few things here too.
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I am in favor of experimenting further with the idea, and we’re familiar on this forum with Russ George’s activities.

While I have a generally positive attitude toward him, it is not accurate to categorize Russ George as a scientist. He is neither trained in science, as far as I can tell, nor employed by anything even approaching a research institution.

We can (any of of us) experiment with things, that doesn’t make us scientists. We can design things, that doesn’t make us structural or naval engineers.

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@Oceanist | Russ George has been a member of this forum… i hope he is still among the 810 silent listeners…

@Russ_George | Russ, anything to say on the topic ?

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well. yes and no. If you are limiting the definitions by artificially including the requirement of a “degree”…than yes. However the officially recognized definitions of “scientist” or “engineer” do not require an “aproval” or “recognition” to become such or to be considered as such.

noun: scientist; plural noun: scientists

a person who is studying or has expert knowledge of one or more of the natural or physical sciences.

noun: engineer; plural noun: engineers

a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or public works.
synonyms:	originator, deviser, designer, architect, inventor, developer, creator; mastermind

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Source of the copy/paste?

Sorry for being an asshole.

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first hit on google search… I wish I could send pictures and quote sources properly…I’m new to “blogging”

I can’t even download free open soucre drawing programs…may version of “windows” is not registered and won’t run correctly most software - always an error code.