Just saying hello, and introducing myself


I’ve been looking at living on the sea for most of my life, just never found a way to do it, that provided the most self sufficient manner to do so.

So I thought I’d start talking with other like minded people, and see if it actually is possible, to leave land behind.

I am currently working on a maritime propulsion project called Hydrospike, which will be entered into the Tech Briefs, create the future contest, which closes for entries on the 2nd July.
I’ll hopefully have the illustrations finished this week.
The basic design I will be releasing on an open source license, in order to allow anyone to develop the technology further.

I will start a detailed post on the reddit group, soon after it’s released on the Tech briefs contest.

I hope this is of interest to someone



Welcome and good luck. I’m trying to put together an Incubator Site for folks to come build, launch, supply/resupply from, off Matagorda Bay, Texas. Have a couple of designs I intend to build and launch, as well as some wave-control reef structure ideas.


Thanks for the welcome.
Shame I’m in Europe, wouldn’t mind getting some more hands on with other people’s projects.
Your project sounds interesting…

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@Jack_teach |

Hello Jack, glad to hear a new voice here.

A couple of questions…

• Would you be interested to live in a Floating Home in the Caribbean ?
• Are you looking for marine engineering networking and business opportunities ?
• Can you share a bit more on Hydrospike ?

Kindest Regards
Wilfried Ellmer

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Hello Jack,

Welcome, and thank you for your post.
Hydrospike sounds interesting.
Reddit is good, since this site will be closed to new posts of
beginning of 05 July 2018.

Keeping contact is a good idea.



Thank you for the welcomes.

@ellmer My main drive right now is networking, I want to get Hydrospike off the ground.
I am more than happy to share more details about Hydrospike, no point releasing it open source if I don’t tell anyone how it works. So, with that I’ll start a new post specifically for Hydrospike.
Business opportunities, I am not in a position to invest in another venture, spent everything I have getting this far with Hydrospike; CFD, is somewhat hardware expensive…

@spark, never used Reddit before, so should be interesting…

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Business networking with the oceanic business alliance works both ways we can get you in touch with investors willing to invest in Hydrospike if that is something you would be interested in…


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:large_blue_circle: nautilusmaker®
:large_blue_circle: Ocean•Sphere•Alliance™


That’s what I was hoping.