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First a question to everyone reading this post…Are we really free individual?

         And if we are really free what is the idea of that freedom?

Hi Seasteading Community members.

Congratulations for building such a great community. I am inspired by the activities of this community. I know humanity will be served brilliantly by it. Now, the topic about which I am writing is most important for humanity. Before I write on it further, please allow me to give you a glimpse of journey of man so far in the last 3 centuries.

Why only last three centuries? What’s so special about the last three centuries? Actually the basis of present problems of the world started in 1648. Why 1648?..

The world in which we live is #model_dead. Employment is dead. Youths , millennials will get no jobs in another 5-10 years. Business, as we know is nearly about to die. And the planet is under serious attack. Everything has changed. But there is only #one_area that has remained the same since 1648. …

The human civilization in the world has been divided into artificial arbitrary units by an agreement signed in 1648. This agreement was known as Treaty of Westphalia. This agreement limited States as the only players in international level. Everything was under the state. Slowly the gatekeepers, the monopolists, the Pipe Rulers(Democracy is a pipe business model violently enforced by the monopoly owners.) destroyed any kinds of freedom existing via using a series of gradual evolutionary models.

Now, the question I have raised is simple. And the answer is …

We have all agreed humanity rests on only three simple rights:

  1. Justice.
    3.Physical Security.

Any human will be really free human if he/she enjoys the above rights. PERIOD…

And here starts the problem…The problem is…The problem is Sates cannot guarantee freedom. States are product of the the #Industrial_Age which was all about brutally enforced monopolies based pipe business models. And this model is dead.

Nokia is dead…Whole industries of industrial era based on pipe monopolies are dead. Mainstream media is dead. Publishing was killed long time ago by Amazon…NEED I THROW MORE EXAMPLES?

Actually there follows a pattern. The industries which had the least sum of intellectual capital, interactional and physical capital (read dumb phone, publishing) disappears first followed by those industries which have the highest sum of intellectual capital , interactional capital and physical capital.

The formula is as follows:

Industry survival= Intellectual Capital+ Interactional Capital+Physical capital

Now if we look at this holistically we find one truth. The industry which was established with much blood and toil and violence will be the most difficult to breach. And their is only one such INDUSTRY LEFT. This is the industry known as State…the PIPE governing model for human civilization. The bloodshed that ensured the establsihment of this industry was the violent transiton from Dark age Europe to Renaissance age Europe based on the principles of enlightenment.


The principles of enlightenment which created great genious like Lenardo Da Vinci was slowly sabotaged by the assembly line model of Ford and dumb commentary and statistics reading known as education. The human consciousness and genious ness was securelly prisoned by the gated community build by the State. The State killed humanity’s very ablity to build stuff and tinker with existing stuff was frameworked into degrees, diplomas, universities, affiliations, royal societies., referrals…

                 ..........................Do all this makes us remember Tesla...........Nikolas Tesla???? Nicolas Tesla is what you get when you allow the State to framework consciousness and intelligence and brilliance.

And why was this done?

The answer takes you back to my question…All this was done to imprison humanity again…to snatch away the freedom we gained after a bloody struggle of nearly 500 years. Humanity was given a _DUMB TOP DOWN PIPE MONOPOL_Y…in which the top was dominated by the Elites…The Dumb Elites who snatched away freedom from humanity.

I innovate. I think. I built…for my freedom, for the freedom of my children…and their generation… one day and that day is not far when we shall all agree to a common open source scalable framework that will solve humanity’s problems emerging out of lack of freedom.

And I know that my privacy and the the privacy of my fellow humans can be secured only when we can secure our shared community and shared goals.

But there is a problem with this…The builders of the pipe monopoly state models wants no disruption. They want tp continue with this one way flow of information from top to bottom. And they conspire against anybody who wishes to regain his or her privacy…And for this we have a grand solution. Let us move into areas which are free zones or terra nullius(Roman term used in international law to signify no mans land.) according to the international law.

And where is the free zones or no mans land? It is the land ready to be created in the high seas through seasteading. It is the land ready to be raise through VISION, MISSION AND PERSISTENCE…TO FEEL FREEDOM FROM LACK OF FREEDOM.**

With this I am ending my post.


Amitabh Sharma
Founder & Chairman, Justice International.
Founder & Chairman, Technohumanity.


Welcome and good luck. Plenty of room for discussion on many topics.

From Wikipedia:

The Peace of Westphalia (German: Westfälischer Friede) was a series of peace treaties signed between May and October 1648 in the Westphalian cities of Osnabrück and Münster, effectively ending the European wars of religion. These treaties ended the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648) in the Holy Roman Empire, and the Eighty Years’ War (1568–1648) between Spain and the Dutch Republic, with Spain formally recognizing the independence of the Dutch Republic.
The peace negotiations involved a total of 109 delegations representing European powers, including Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III, Philip IV of Spain, the Kingdom of France, the Swedish Empire, the Dutch Republic, the Princes of the Holy Roman Empire and sovereigns of the free imperial cities. The treaties that constituted the peace settlement were:
The Peace of Münster[1] between the Dutch Republic and the Kingdom of Spain on 30 January 1648, ratified in Münster on 15 May 1648; and
Two complementary treaties both signed on 24 October 1648, namely:
The Treaty of Münster (Instrumentum Pacis Monasteriensis, IPM),[2] between the Holy Roman Emperor and France and their respective allies.
The Treaty of Osnabrück (Instrumentum Pacis Osnabrugensis, IPO),[3] involving the Holy Roman Empire, Sweden and their respective allies.
The treaties did not restore peace throughout Europe, but they did create a basis for national self-determination.
The Peace of Westphalia established the precedent of peaces established by diplomatic congress,[4][5] and a new system of political order in central Europe, later called Westphalian sovereignty, based upon the concept of co-existing sovereign states. Inter-state aggression was to be held in check by a balance of power. A norm was established against interference in another state’s domestic affairs. As European influence spread across the globe, these Westphalian principles, especially the concept of sovereign states, became central to international law and to the prevailing world order.[6]

Basically, the treaties do not establish States as the recognized negotiators. They establish that Sovereign entities, whether States, or otherwise recognized sovereignty, as the arbiters of peace, and helped end the religious wars of the time.

Recognizing Sovereignty of the individual is what you are leading to…

DaVinci died in 1519, the Ford Assembly line did not happen until 1913, ~400 years later. No way did Henry Ford have anything to do with strangling invention, just created an easier assembly line, for his own products. The streamlined process has greatly improved most aspects of life, as we know it, even leading to the assembly lines responsible for producing the devices we are using to communicate with, and the systems those communications pass through. The things we do and achieve now, were inconceivable, in Leonardo’s day, and would be blasphemous, heresy, etc., if someone went back and even proposed them, because of the religious strictures of the time.

IMHO, Tesla’s greatest, and still unused, achievement was the wireless transmission of electrical energy, a feat STILL not available, due to the need for a coinciding free energy source to power it, capable of doing everything the current methods achieve.

As for the freedom of the High Seas, even that is subject to the cost of getting there, and living there. Supplies do not materialize by magic, and transportation to and from International waters is going to be expensive, to say the least.

IMHO, the grand-scale schemes are projects for the bored extremely few extremely wealthy individuals, as playgrounds.

My own concepts revolve around individual homes and self-sufficiency. I feel that, a family home, and the ability to grow food, efficiently is going to be easier to achieve, even for someone like me, with limited financial resources, rather than some monstrous structure that only the wealthy can afford to even contemplate having build.

Jeff Frusha


From a complementary perspective … the treaties ultimately legitimized the concept that God had appointed the Pope as the highest authority of the religious domain and the individual leader (i.e…, the “sovereign”) as the highest authority of the physical (geographical) domain.

Upon the foundations of that era grew the modern concept of the government, itself, as the sovereign state (and from yet a different perspective, with a different history of evolution, the modern dialogs about “natural rights” and individual human rights).

IMO, a fascinating transformation that is still evolving.

(Amitabh Sharma) #4

Thanks JL_Frusha

Thank you so much for your opinion. The perspective which I have developed depends on following observations:

  1. Man needs freedom to do stuff.
  2. Man is not willing to undergo regimentation as developed by others voluntarily without getting a value proposition immediately consequent to a transaction. (For intangible structures like governance there is no immediate value proposition. History is proof that 99% of humanity is pipe thinking while only 1 % is platform oriented.)
  3. The second consideration makes it very very difficult to control man.
  4. This leads to establishment of monopolies enforced by power.
  5. When sufficient capital(of any kind) is created by the monopoly for the people under its control the people follow the easy path of using that capital. At this stage an inertia develops.
  6. The monopoly creates an elaborate scheme to draw out the participation costs(revenue, tax, development and maintenance of utilities bills etc).
  7. As time progresses citizens or subjects owing to inertia or lack of novelty stops participating in public or community life thereby making it a very costly proposition for the monopoly to maintain.
  8. At this stage harsh taxation or extraction is imposed.
  9. When there is an outside disruption(read colonization as one of the main unwritten reason for chaos in 16th and 17th century Europe) a consolidation between major players takes place(As we can see the CONSOLIDATION in hotel industry with the disruption brought about by Airbnb). This was exactly what we saw through treaty of Westphalia, which was subsequently adopted as the monopoly treaty for defining actors in international relation.

(Amitabh Sharma) #5

Hi BobDohse

Your take on the treaties are acceptable for an Industrial Era system without Service era and Financial Era problems. The era in which the treaties were made had just saw the beginning of some crude industrial movement but, the thought process of the era in which these treaties were developed or adopted had their beginning in the early middle ages.

The world has changed in the information age, chiefly due to the following factors:

  1. The stuffs that were immovable in industrial age(say for example insurgency, organised crime at transnational level) is now mobile, involving multiple jurisdictions and sovereign authorities.

2.Involvement of multiple jurisdictions and sovereign authorities complicated the matter, leading to stress for the Sate.

  1. The State responds by attacking rights and liberties of citizens, but not innovating itself as it is held down by inertia of having invested very much in the thought process and interactional values.

  2. All these leads to a point of becoming hostile to disruption and gate keeping more and more.

  3. And one fine day the Old legacy system becomes dead.


My comment explained part of the historical context - specifically, hegemony - and how that historical context created a foundation for future developments.

The Westphalia era predated global financial markets and service economies, so they were irrelevant to the development of Westphalian rights.