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did not one time someone said that it was impossible to fly to the moon. Did it not Cost $Billions to do it. We’ve been to the Moon, and we paid for it, through the thievery of taxes. And where are the TODAY> Getting ready to go to Mars.

I was told that my Grandfather, say “Man will stand on the moon” many years before talk of such things. People laugh, made fun, and joked. Yet he knew, He created the vision within his mind. He was Proud when it finally happened. He Smiled the Most.

Everything here is impossible. It’s one’s mindset that dictates what happens.

I’m not combing anything. I can look and create ways to do such. It’s called Analytical thinking

It will take funding, and it would not cost $Billions, yet the oil, fuels, materials derived could make $BILLIONS All depends on how you want to look at it. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Lot’s of men (Billions) have added to the Trash. Maybe it’s time to collect.

I stated an idea above as one way to be a solution. that was 5 mins of thinking. If it was a PASSION to give out, the full solution to the world problems. I would, Yet not today. :slight_smile: I have work to start.

However, if you have any ideas/solutions to share, I’d be happy to read one.


Sorry Craig, I have nothing in terms of solving the World problems. Quit that bad habit sometime ago.

Is seasteading the idea/solution to solve the World problems?

No, not under the present current format. In fact, all we got now is just talk. We are still in the pre-seasteading age now… But if the concept is refined and redefined, I firmly believe it could make a huge impact worldwide.

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The only way to save this world from all the problem is to leave it, and get into space. Yet if man is in Space, it will only spread the problems that we have in this world, to it.

As they say nothing is perfect, yet it can be better than what we not have, that is sure.

Seasteading has done a lot more than just talking. Progress is happening. People are coming together. MOU is in place. There is Action :slight_smile:

I don’t know it Governance and how one it to live there. What values, morals and Standard there will be? Yet if left open as our world is today, it will fail, surely. Yet if designed with the intention of a REAL Community, and providing all that is required for ALL, Equally, it will work.

Yet if it is just to sell/buy real estate for the wealthy, for novelty on living on the ocean. Stop the project now.

Like you I feel it can make a huge impact worldwide. Yet why don’t we just move to higher ground and build the cities of the future NOW. Actually, in the end, it’s cheaper to build on the ocean. :slight_smile:

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Hi Craig;

Some questions: I could look the answers up, but it might be an easy trivia for you.
This is not to test you, it is an informative question.

So, the 3000 V in the wire. Are there transformers at the two ends of the wire?
Is the 3000 V for the efficient transfer of electric energy?

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Is there a river in France called DeNile?

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I guess you did not like my answer, so i deleted it. Maybe someone will give you the same answer. Maybe someone will get you the wrong answer. I hope you find the answer you can like.

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Thank you. That is perfect.


Maybe as a DIY for protected waters, close to shore. Marine construction is never cheap :slight_smile:

Eventually you will have to “sell” seasteading to someone as a novelty of some sort. Who cares if to the rich or the poor…

Is, lets say, $20k/person to much of an investment to get into seasteading? Not at all by industrialized nation standards. BUT, for the 3 billion people living on less than $2.50/day AS WE SPEAK, it’s indeed just a novelty for the “wealthy” who can afford $20k…

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Once the Islands get submerged, due to rising oceans, We’ll see where the hearts are for those building these Floating Islands. I live on an Island, I’m getting a Boat, to stay afloat. $20K is what I make a year now. Once it was $150K (I was an Elitists :wink: Yet Money is not my driving factor in life, and it’s sad that it is for so many others, that just waste it, on material items that don’t bring joy or happiness, and only adds to the Pollution of the world really. Yes those that LOVE and Support the idea of Seasteading. It needs to be done. Yet if it is being built to give opportunity and a better governing structure, then it has to be open to those that are not wealthy and can but a unit that may cost $250K - or more to own. As you said, Marine Construction is never Cheap (Mostly due to overpaid Unions, that slows jobs down, to get more money from the Project) I’ve worked in Shipbuilding and other Mega Construction sites, It’s how it works. Yet having a Dedicated TEAM, with the Right Knowledge and Vision. I know that it can be done better, and maybe less cost than on land.


Prove it…

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no need - proven already check here… cost per square meter.


Cost per square m/ft of building a “bare hull” floating platform is irrelevant since it’s just a small fraction from the total cost of building a “turn key” one.

Depending on the level of amenities and how far from shore it will be located, my estimate for a “turn key” seastead is @ a minimum of $100/sq.ft./deck.

PS. For a residential “unit” that is. Public, commercial, maintenance, docking, etc. could be lower.

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