It's free real estate

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What is the max operating depth?

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All systems are different, due to their construction, but Work class usually 1000 -3000 meters. DEEP

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Yep, plenty of garbage in waterways (mostly fresh water).

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OK Mate did you even read this. post. LOL Some people truly don’t have a clue about the world that we live in. NO there is no island “a piece of land surrounded by water” it a term to show the impact of the plastic.

Do you think that when a plastic bottle gets thrown into the ocean that it become instance Microplastic? No, well it ends up in this floating patch of plastic. Try sailing through it?

I hope the intelligence of this blog improves.
Maybe time to change direction.

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3KVAC is that 3000 volts AC?

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“this. post”? Are you referring to “making the Floating Islands, directly on the Garbage patches that cover our world oceans.” or the one of many articles that explains that there is no real island of plastic in the ocean?

Very true.

Correct, though doing a google “islands of garbage” you would be shown many pictures that would imply such a thing.

No. As I said previously “there is a lot of focus on using materials that will not be eaten up by salt water”. Seasteading is about things that will last decades or even centuries. Which, again, is why the focus on here has been on seasteads made of cement. Even then there are many considerations including metal rebar that eventually rusts, etc. Again, over decades.

…this “floating patch” that you want to build directly on top of…

This forum is open to all. The many many people that have come in here asking why we don’t just build a seastead on the floating island of garbage has been numerous. Almost as many people that let us know that there are waves in the ocean.

Not trying to bust your balls here. This has just been covered numerous times on here.

and on and on…

Plastic in the ocean is not a good thing. But building anything on it is not possible.

But if it gets you millions of dollars like that kid who built the big plastic cleaning machine in the ocean, then go for it. Plenty of people believe there’s a big island of garbage in the ocean so whatever works.

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Are there any underwater ROVs without wires (umbilical)?

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cinder block, cinder block, cinder block

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Thank you for smoking!

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6 chars

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I love you, come back to me!

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3 phase 3,000V/5-20A occasionally up to 80A

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REALLY! ROV HPU, submersible, subsea and Rov motors (5hp to 1500hp)

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Yes there are AUVs autonomous underwater vehicles yet they are mostly for surveillance,

Used mostly for mapping and inspections. Not used to do work, for they do not have the HP, tools, arms to do the work.

Would not be used for cleaning purposes

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I said “making the Floating Islands, directly on the Garbage patches that cover our world oceans.”

not ON TOP of the Garbage Patch.

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Your post There is a “Plastic Garbage Island” in the Ocean - Fact or Myth?
There is no visible “plastic island,” or “garbage patch” in the ocean. Instead, large low-density patches of plastic particles are caught in the ocean’s major gyres below the water’s surface

You have too much time

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Twenty tons of plastic debris washes up on Midway every year with five tons of that debris being fed to albatross chicks.

Well, if the albatross can pick it up, it cannot be that small.
If it washes up on an island, it could wash up on a floating island.

So about 20 tons a year on the Midway island.



That’s very close to impossible,… How the heck are you gonna “comb” millions of square miles of ocean? It will take $ billions in funding. Who’s gonna “invest” in that?

If so, how can any action “almost impossible” be a “solution”??

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did not one time someone said that it was impossible to fly to the moon. Did it not Cost $Billions to do it. We’ve been to the Moon, and we paid for it, through the thievery of taxes. And where are the TODAY> Getting ready to go to Mars.

I was told that my Grandfather, say “Man will stand on the moon” many years before talk of such things. People laugh, made fun, and joked. Yet he knew, He created the vision within his mind. He was Proud when it finally happened. He Smiled the Most.

Everything here is impossible. It’s one’s mindset that dictates what happens.

I’m not combing anything. I can look and create ways to do such. It’s called Analytical thinking

It will take funding, and it would not cost $Billions, yet the oil, fuels, materials derived could make $BILLIONS All depends on how you want to look at it. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Lot’s of men (Billions) have added to the Trash. Maybe it’s time to collect.

I stated an idea above as one way to be a solution. that was 5 mins of thinking. If it was a PASSION to give out, the full solution to the world problems. I would, Yet not today. :slight_smile: I have work to start.

However, if you have any ideas/solutions to share, I’d be happy to read one.


Sorry Craig, I have nothing in terms of solving the World problems. Quit that bad habit sometime ago.

Is seasteading the idea/solution to solve the World problems?

No, not under the present current format. In fact, all we got now is just talk. We are still in the pre-seasteading age now… But if the concept is refined and redefined, I firmly believe it could make a huge impact worldwide.