Islands that "harvest" and use floating debris; vis a vis Pacific Patch

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Anyone working on a floating island composed of recycled plastics and debris such as the mess in the mid-Pacific? Such an island could create new ecosystems while cleaning the ocean.

It's free real estate

The GPGP is mostly a work of fiction. The particles, on average, are documented at about the size of glitter. However, various recycling schemes have been brought up, including using the plastics as fuel, and various clean/melt/recycle ideas. the search engine is your friend… :wink:

Welcome to the aquarium, dive in, water’s usually nice, though storms do happen…

Jeff Frusha

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Yup, VICE did a documentary piece on it called Garbage Island: An Ocean Full of Plastic.
Limited potential indeed. Could be harvested via droneships that would filter large volumes of water for the garbage, theoretically.

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