Island Types by Lifestyle

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Seasteading can allow these lifestyles:

Artist Colony
Au Naturale Colony
Fishing sport
Theme Park( income & lifestyle) Disney at Sea aside cruise lines??
Farming: hydroponics mostly, leave aquaculture to other Colony IF equipped.
Cooking school

all on One Seastead Island base.

& combine the above.

Each with a Governing Council to Main Seastead Hub.

& No HOA or if so modified big for Island use.

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I don’t know… if you randomize the combinations you may end up with a cooking school au naturel for retirees

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Lifestyle Islands can be seperate too.Or grouped by lifestyle??
Need not Mixed into 1 Island

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The Cathars (the pure ones) were a sect of pre-Reformation Christians of Southern France who broke with the Papacy and were (mostly) exterminated during the Albingense Crusade…
It’s worthy to note that they were pescatarians (vegetarians except for fish because of the Jesus multiplying stories in the Bible) and maybe could have moved Europe out of the Middle Ages (at least into reformation) 300 years earlier had they not been squashed.

While I prefer cities/neighborhoods where people of different lifestyles live side by side minding their own business, and I certainly don’t want to mix seasteading with religion, it is impossible to miss that many religious communities would love the freedom from interference it offers.

In North, South, and Central America as well as Siberia there are Mennonite colonies (or Raskolniki, “Old Believers” in Russia) thriving in places where other attempts at settlement are fledgling at best. These are community oriented people who renounce violence, more than abide by the principle non initiation of force, and unlike the amish, do not shun technology altogether.

In places like Western Paraguay or Belize your best bet at getting anything at all or a prefabricated wooden cabin respectively is the Mennonites.

The “natural limit” for human communities was discovered studying how Menno colonies split when they reach 80 or so inhabitants.

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It is like quantum physics: mind over matter. Because if you do not mind, it does not matter.
Similar thing in Israel with the settlers. Religious groups make something out of nothing.

There are interesting things out there in the California desert too. For example
the homestead of Marshall South on the top of Ghost Mountain in the Little Blair
Valley. He lived there with his wife and 3 children for 16 years. They lived off the
land. A little research showes that Marshall South met his wife Tanya in a Rosicrutian
community. Religious fathe or reather spirituality does something.

Not just religious fathe, but some kind of belif system, like George van Tessen and his
integratron in Landers, California. And he held UFO conventions there.
Airforce major and nuclear physicist. Functional parts of the Integratron are missing
since George died. It was something like the Phyladelphia experiment.

I think, the mind has to do something with this matter.

Do I need to mention Burning Man?

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i ment religious faith

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That’s George Berkely, but I heard it first in the Simpsons, season zero: What is (the) mind? No Matter. What is matter? Nevermind!
Then I read it again from Ayn Rand, but she took a lot longer to explain it.
I see it as the relation between a stove and the fire it allows. Life is when both the stove (body) and the fire (soul or identity) are interacting at the same time, and producing some extropy.

Those California desert communities remind me of Slab City which also boast a high level of spirituality, something a simple google image search can confirm
Transhumanism has been interpreted (surprisingly in a positive light!) as “Apotheosis” (becoming God(like) ) by the Church of the Latter Day Saints which even has an institute for the Singularity or Transhumanism where even Ray Kurzweil (a scientific-minded Unitarian) spoke a couple of times.

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Sovereignty has to do something with it. When we are all sovereign, than how de we relate
to eachothers?

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I already mentioned cultural themed islands being built off the coast of Dubai in another threat by Thoe

Looks pretty niche.

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There are some islandsteads. But these are private.
The first defense is: no news.

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