Is there anyone here, who runs a farm on land?


The company name was Kelco. No longer there.

They used to harvest giant kelp off Point Loma in SD. I used to take my boat there sailing through the kelp forest and one of their boats was always there cutting kelp…that was in the '90s,…

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I found a few links. One of them:

I understand that the production of algin and alginate products are
dependent of extensive use of chemicals, such as acids and alkaline
solutions. And it produces lots of waste water. That was dumped into
the municipal waste water system in San Diego.
I did read somewhere that the San Diego city council voted for charging
fees according the amount of use of the municipal water treatment
facilities. At that point Kelco found Ireland as a more competitive place
to proceed with the activity, and they moved to Ireland.

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Heh. I’m a member and in the Facebook group, Yahoo Group, etc.