Is the world flat?

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I’m smarter than you Connor; seasteading has everything to do with flat earth and space because reasons. Like, gee golly, can you not see the implications of such a fact? How are our seasteads supposed to make the spacial transition into outer space when the time is right if we’re just pets in Gods aquarium?

It means that this whole thing will never happen cause they’re trying to hide the flatness of the earth itself; imagine if a bunch of seasteads, if they started to float down towards the southern circle they’ll see how much distance their is and they’ll know; which they’ll never allow, ever. :confused:

Now tell me why I’m wrong CC :sweat_smile:

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If we build our seastead too close to the edge we’ll fall off the side of the world.


Nah, gravity would make it impossible to go over the edge. It’d be like trying to go up a vertical surface. We’d need some serious climbing gear.

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Well of course it is! It only appears round due to the Mobius effect…

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No lol.

I’m pretty sure an individual or a group of people started that nonsense either as a joke or to gauge the gullibility of a percentage of the population.

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Depends upon point of view. In case of shorter distance it can be flat.
Navigation of longer distances might require a different point of view.
What ever rocks you boat is OK with me, as long as I do not have to be in it.


Taking @spark’s 'point of view a bit further…

In a manner of speaking the majority of us live in what could be considered a flat-earth. Most folks are limited to the horizontal plane. The majority of any atom is made up of empty space, so, collapsing that into a 2-dimensional point of view is easy enough. As below, so above… The vast majority if the solar system is in one basic rotational plane. Our Galaxy follows that general rule of thumb.

To carry it even further, all colors of light and pigment are contained in the polar opposites of Black and White.

Spiritually, we often refer to “This Plane of Existence”, too…

Our ability to take advantage of the vertical dimension is limited… We are neither flying, nor truly swimming creatures. Very few sea creatures, or flying creatures can reach the bottom of the oceans and return to the surface, or great altitudes, yet they move in far more 3-dimensional reality, than we do.

As for the ‘Flat Earth Theory’… Try to drive/or sail off the edge and find out…

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This goes fairly well with seasteading in that when I was trying to come up with a way to have Internet on the seastead in the Cay Sal bank I had to take the curvature of the earth into account for microwave transmissions over long distances. It’s not about line of sight and the transceiver being too far away because higher antennas were in line of sight while an antenna 10-20 meters above sea level was not high enough. I was looking at using the mountains of Cuba to make up for the curvature.

I did modeling and simulation of military radio networks for 7 years which included satellite technology, HF, UHF, etc. it included bouncing radio waves off of the stratosphere, earth curvature etc. to get the radios to work.

Now…I hope the response to this is that because I worked for the government I’m in on the conspiracy…I would so love to be in on such a conspiracy, that would be so amazing to keep some secret that the earth is really flat but I was pulled into some room and told the truth but I have to fake like it’s really a sphere.

I can neither confirm nor deny that the earth is flat.


Long range ballistics: Gravity sucks

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Sad they never told you of the difference between “site” and “sight”. Can you cite the use of “line of site” in a technical document?

Athough i am getting the feeling that it’s people that know these things who are most likely to live in poverty. So good for you, not knowing!

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Yes. Here it is:

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Spelling isn’t grammar; “cite”, “site”, and “sight” are different valid words in the dictionary, just like “there”, “their”, and “they’re” are different and mean different things. And, “they’re” is meant to be pronounced differently.

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I know what “line of sight” is. I went for Tech class Amateur license in the 1960’s, and FCC 1st class in the early 1980’s (right before they changed the licenses).

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Sad excuse for a human. Or are they all like you now?

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Ther is a difference between rules/and/regulations and The Law.


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Flat earthers don’t believe in gravity. Some say it’s some other type of energy.

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Flat earthers are all around. I just talked to one yesterday, and asked him about gravity.
The flat earther thinks there is gravity and there are gravitrons.
The basic particle of gravity is the gravitron. I could not carry the conversation
any further. That is all I can remember.

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Occam’s razor is lost on them.

When you have to keep making up new hypotheses to support your original hypothesis then it is likely that it is not a valid theory.