Is the world flat?

(Alexander Tomasik) #21

I’m smarter than you Connor; seasteading has everything to do with flat earth and space because reasons. Like, gee golly, can you not see the implications of such a fact? How are our seasteads supposed to make the spacial transition into outer space when the time is right if we’re just pets in Gods aquarium?

It means that this whole thing will never happen cause they’re trying to hide the flatness of the earth itself; imagine if a bunch of seasteads, if they started to float down towards the southern circle they’ll see how much distance their is and they’ll know; which they’ll never allow, ever. :confused:

Now tell me why I’m wrong CC :sweat_smile:

(Chad Elwartowski) #22

If we build our seastead too close to the edge we’ll fall off the side of the world.


Nah, gravity would make it impossible to go over the edge. It’d be like trying to go up a vertical surface. We’d need some serious climbing gear.

(John) #24

Well of course it is! It only appears round due to the Mobius effect…