Is the world flat?

(Alexander Tomasik) #1

Yea to bad space isn’t real. :roll_eyes:

It's free real estate
(Craig G. Lewis) #2

A Flatlander? lol :wink:

(Alexander Tomasik) #3

Science is stupid; show me the curvature.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Craig G. Lewis) #4

Science is objective, not Stupid. Mama says, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Yet there is a few stupid scientists out there, and even some crazy ones.

Buy me a ticket and we’ll find out. :wink:
Why does it matter if it is flat or not?

(Alexander Tomasik) #5

I worry science has become just a dogmatic as religion is nowadays, thus making it dangerous and a filter towards agendas for whomever owns the gateways of institution. I like the idea of science, but I can’t believe that most places are actually teaching anything of any practical importance, not to mention that not all food is health food and people parrot things back without ever knowing, and/or, fulling understanding the things that they parrot back.

It matters if it’s flat because it means we’re probably contained within something and that there’s probably something beyond that contained us.

It’s probably spherical on the other side, just not were we’re at. :neutral_face:

(Craig G. Lewis) #6

What science has created and what most don’t know would scare the crap out of them, it does me. Sometimes it’s better not to know and keep one sanity.

if you follow, believe in other dimensions, then you know there more out there. We may just be a petri dish of an experiment, that is going BAD.

It is said that history repeats, and we are dumber today than 10K-15K years ago. Even today, one can not explain with Proof, how pass civilisations constructed buildings. Knowledge has been lost several times.

TEOTIHUACAN Ancient Alien City of Nephilim Giants

(Alexander Tomasik) #7

Speaking of giants…

(Craig G. Lewis) #8

LOL that was the WORST video I EVER saw LOL Oh My, What did you get out of it? Did you see God, and his hands? lol

(Alexander Tomasik) #9

:thinking: …Yes?

(Craig G. Lewis) #10

In the Video, not in life :wink: Actually I’m not sure if one can see God, rather feel God.

(Alexander Tomasik) #11

It’s tiny Rick bro…

(Alexander Tomasik) #12

Hate it when God gets all touchy feely with my bod…

(Alexander Tomasik) #13

On second thought.

Maybe it is round. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Craig G. Lewis) #14

Are you associated with Seasteading, Alexander?

Nice vids, yet I don’t know why you post them.

Seems to be all over the place.

Is anyone on these blogs, with Seasteading?

(Alexander Tomasik) #15

Honesty I’m not sure why I post them either; never has done me any good doing so even after being a member for 3 years… :neutral_face:

Kinda seems like just an idea grab and a nice good luck poor person.

(Alexander Tomasik) #16

All I’m trying to say bro is…

(Craig G. Lewis) #17

OK ??

Stange to me. I have no clue mate.

Ok I got to get back to my non- working life :slight_smile:


I’m really having trouble figuring out if this guy is a troll or just plain dumb… Also, how does a flat Earth or space have anything to do with seasteading? Nothing? Good. Now shut up.

(Alexander Tomasik) #19

Haha, I’m not even mad at you Connor; disappointed, but not mad. :sunglasses:

(noboxes) #20

@Condor_Connor , you have mistaken this site for a authentic institute of higher learning. Despite the name of this place, this is only for trolling and making fun. This is not a site you want your name or reputation associated with, which is why i usually delete my posts in which i accidently give valid information.