Is centralized power of all kind dissolving in a near future? | oceanic business alliance

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Cases and indicators:

  • offshoring ( assets out of state grip)
  • liquid state singapore ( sandbank building )
  • blockchain and its possibilities ( control does not need centralization anymore)
  • subdue to nobody ( opt in opt out - mobilis in mobili)
  • currency - bitcoin (state control over money slipping)

Freedom of the oceans and technology the fundamental drivers of society

Background: How blockchain technology will impact society (ref 1)

Is 45% the earth's surface a state-free society of emergent law?
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So what is your hypothesis ? is Matthew Sparkes, right in postulating that “centralized power of all kind is dissolving” or do you have a counter hypothesis? - do you have statistics arguments, indicators for yes or no ? - what is the argument in the forexnews post ?


That the BitCoin is still failing, regardless of how much people have thrown at it, trying to keep it afloat.

So far, globally, the most consistent currency has been the US $

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You need to understand that bitcoin is just the first of about 30 “cyber currencies” that are in test and upcomming at the moment we speak - so a course variation is certainly a weak argument for “cyber currencies will NOT come” and government grip on money is still strong - what do you think?

Even bitcoin as first of its kind would fail some day - which was desired and predicted for obvious reasons about a hundred times without ever happening - the argument might still be short sighted like the one that google has no importance because it is not “brick and mortar” that we still heared a few years ago…

The core question is the socio - political / importance / non importance / of its existance … / Spikes arguments that it is tremendously important - as first of its kind - and makes a case for “disolution of all centralized power” as the unevitable endpoint of this development…

Is 45% the earth's surface a state-free society of emergent law?

Oh, I don’t really care that much, about bitcoin. Just that it isn’t the lingua franca of currency. If it ever becomes coin-of-the-realm, then it will be something to consider. Until then, so far, it is a slowly-dying failure.

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The thread is not really about bitcoin success or failure - even if bitcoin fails as a project ( just as webcrawler did as a search engine) it is still something that leaves a legacy - what webcrawler intended - google made it a reality - what bitcoin intended - something we have not heard about yet but uses the base idea of blockchain - will surge out of it - and when it does it will have socio-political impact and the impact will be a big one…it will dissolve centralized power according to Sparkes presented in the Telegraph article.

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Reading about centralized power dissolving | spaces of freedom | extraterritorialized | freezones | offshoring | bitcoin | burining man | globalism | extrastate enclaves

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I believe that crypto-currency has established viability and acceptance. The main problem that still plagues it is security. I am not sure that it can ever be secure enough to base an economy on.

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It is established that some people are willing to use crypto-currency (bitcoin),
because they did.

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