IRS phone scamming

(bill mapezzi) #1

Yesterday I received a call from an “IRS officer” informing me that I needed to pay $2140.00 to comply with an already decided tax audit that was conducted in absentia, or be arrested by federal marshall and delivered to Washington DC for sentancing… It bothered me for about 90 minutes(he was convincing). Just a warning notice in case this scammer has lighted upon this forum’s members as targets. His name was Alex Romero and he spoke perfect call center English with Mombassa accent…If he call you inform him that you have moved to 111 Humbolt Current Lane
Northeast, Pacific

(.) #2

Well, the fishy about that is the $2100 would be a very low priority
compared to other audits. And it would be very difficult to pay it after being
delivered to DC. Not to mention it would be costly to deliver anyone to DC, and
keep him there. The IRS just seizes checking accounts. That is all about that.
Not to mention the Mombassa accent. -))) hehe

If I get a call, I will record it. And I will mention that his call is being recorded for
quality assurance purposes.