Investment strategies

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Because people “driving by” (including your notional “investors”) shouldn’t be discouraged by seemingly universal sycophantic agreement with fantasy. If the emperor has no clothes, someone needs to say so.

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I am new to the swirl of communication. I regret I am trying to share knowledge from which all might benefit — including TSI investors — if knowledge is not polite in the public square, I will go off line. I am reminded of the Confederacy of Dunces. published in the 1980’s, 10-years after the suicide of the author. I believe a sea stead is feasible ---- I serious thinking is applied. ted

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Please do not give up on the forum completely. Wilfried Ellmer is not a forum administrator, does not speak for TSI, and does not speak for the general Seasteading community of Interest.

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I agree — the emperor has no clothes — but there are clothes yet to be worn – Ted

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@tamenta, As a professional in the industry, perhaps reaching out to International Marine Floatation Systems Inc. (IMFS) who designed and engineered that platform, is an option for you in a way that it is not really an option for dilettantes and amateurs such as myself.

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This said by a “random person” would not mean a lot.

But said by Theodore M. Amenta THIS means SOMETHING - the global elites should hear it…and rise an eyebrow about it…

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These are some good recommendations.
Also +1 for keeping this on topic, while the rest of the people took the usual road - off topic bickering and day dreaming.

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This topic was about investing in stock market which does not require anyone to be an accredited investor.

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And forex is not speculative? I asked for stock for one reason - so that we could invest in companies that can help seasteading. When they grow, they will have more money to invest back into marine economy which will be good for us. Forex just like Bitcoin and other “coins” is even bigger casino than stocks are.

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I did not ask for opinion from people sitting in the boardrooms, just for some recommendations if anyone has them.

If they are not on the stock market I’m not interested.

There are a lot of "random’ people on the internet, but I like to read all of their opinions because more often than not people here are much smarter than me. I don’t claim to have all of the solutions to all of our problems like you do, and this is why I ask “random persons”, hoping that some of them will share their knowledge with me. That’s how I grow as a person.

What makes you think that I did not google that term?


Wilfried Ellmer makes many unsubstantiated claims, posts outright false information, misrepresents images, and runs multiple websites geared to putting money into his pockets. He has never brought a single ‘investor’ to the table in this forum, has no publicly traded stocks or bonds, etc.

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There is no publicly traded seasteading stock. It seems unlikely that there will be. Do you mean other related industries and companies that may get bigger if seasteading becomes common?

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[quote=“6d6b73, post:38, topic:2119”]
And forex is not speculative?.. Forex just like Bitcoin and other “coins” is even bigger casino than stocks are.[/quote]

Not the way I do it. Trading is one way to make a living when you’re out at sea. You come across angry and with a closed mind. I don’t talk about trading very much on here but I will do so now for your benefit. The link below will download 15 monthly broker reports, (like a bank account statement for investments). The monthly reports are all zipped up for easy downloading. Open it and you will find over 3000 trades with one loss, I think in Aug. Over 300% total profit and it was done in 2008-09 during one of the worst financial crashes in history.

Your restrictions were that the stock must be on the stock exchange, which one? Include over-the-counter exchange? Just US? No private offering? There is another way to learn about investment into seasteads without violating SEC rules, members of an investment club may be taught how and where to find these things.

Actually your restrictions make my antenna’s go up. It’s what a Fed would say. But I’m in the clear here. I don’t trade within the US. You see, those records started in April. I knew about the computer programs that give the brokers the edge but I did not know that they could watch for someone winning all the time. By August 2008, there was an announcement from the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) that there would be a new rules change in one year and they were taking comments from traders. I protested but was basically told it was happening no matter what the citizens thought. The rule change was that you could no longer close a newer trade if you still had an older one open. It was called first in first out or FIFO. The other restriction added was to eliminate hedge trading. And what a coincidence, those are the two things that my computer program used.

The Federal Government shut me down with their rules. And let me add that the United States is the only country in the whole world that has those restrictions to forex trading. They stole millions in sales of my program to Americans. They pissed me right off. Now I am working to make my own country, a place where the government isn’t in bed with the banks, and making a seastead is the best way to get there. And I have all the motivation I need. The bastards didn’t even offer to by me out. It’s been 8 years and I am still pissed.

Mariusz wrote, “because more often than not people here are much smarter than me” Experience teaches us that it is often smarter to keep our knowledge to ourselves until we can better understand the situation. You can’t fault people living in the US from being a little cagey.

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@ForexBob | Bob, i am a networker and i take something good from EVERY project i am in. From the Marinea Boardroom i definitly take your 2 programs the PIG and RISE . For me as international person RISE is even more attractive. Definitly great tools both of them, sadly suppressed by political tainted regulations… this is why seasteading is important… ( my personal opinion ).

… could well be the case … we are on public forum… so i recommend it only for people who are NOT subject to those regulations…:upside_down: … basicly any investment opportunity feds get their hand on with their “regulations” falls back to a yield of never more than 2% on average - and keeps falling… ( S&P 500 - yields ) so becomes “unattractive by default”.

This has to do with the fact, that innovation and potential, key ingredients for growth and return on investment, can not florish in “fed regulated ambients”. So asking for “good investments in fed regulated spaces” is like asking for a circle with corners.

Seasteading is about potential and fast development outside fed regulated spaces…it is about spaces of freedom and innovation… it is about enlightenment and the creation of Galt’s Gulch, New Venice, and New Atlantis… it is about investing into a better future …

The oceanic business alliance is targeting a segment of the global elites that is “quite comfortable without fed regulations”… but that might not be for everybody. At the end one of the Seasteading core values is “everybody can have his way”… on a seastead of his own under rule sets he consents.

So if somebody wants to live his life under fed regulations and dedicate his investment strategies to serve them - he should do EXACTLY that…good luck and blessings from my side …

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Thank you again. I visit the site briefly and will return for more specific input. I have been stalled trying to get a Letter of Intent to Lease — (LOI) signed for a major occupancy. I need this for financing — Still months away. Thank you for your help. Ted


Money will be made in seasteading BEFORE seasteading goes publicly traded. Meaning, investing in seasteading start up private companies NOW (equity, stock options, etc.) could be a very wise (and highly profitable) long term investing strategy.

There is a certain parallel to be drawn between seasteading and Facebook. Peter Thiel became Facebook’s first outside investor when he acquired a 10.2% stake for $500,000 in August 2004. He sold the majority of his shares in Facebook for over $1 billion in 2012.

While I wouldn’t expect such HUGE return, maybe in 8 years down the line some “First Seastead LLC” shares might be worth some decent money…

You never know.

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[quote=“Octavian, post:16, topic:2119”]
You can take it as you will, but it wasn’t.[/quote]

You know Octavian, I never apologized for misreading that statement about only recommending TSIs project. I thought that since you were part of us when we started that you knew our project. But you are right, the project has matured and though not as grandiose, it is infinitely more practical. This led me to realize that most people won’t go to Marinea’s website without some reason to, so we will start a news and information alert feature. Free sign up to notify anyone interested in what is happening in the world of Ocean colonization in general and Marinea specifically. We will try to have that alert sign up available by this week end.

And Octavian, thanks for helping me identify a system failure.

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Letter of Intent to Lease might be good.

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Indeed, this is “investment strategy”. People giving you money to build something that doesn’t have a track record of safety and profitability in return for a partial ownership stake in an asset that would have a limited market and massive price tag to sell if it becomes necessary to recoup operating losses, is a much harder sell than “I will lease you space on this facility I’m planning to build at favorable rates if you sign a letter of intent to occupy.”

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Hi Octavian;

Only $550k.
Yes, that is a fantastic deal. The possibility to park vehicles is a very
good one for a startup. People can arrive with a car or RV and get in.
If they decide to leave, they can drive off at next docking.

As everything, this deal has a disadvantage too. This disadvantage
has to be kept in mind and called to attention to all who get on the

This boat is a RoRo. RoRos are built for vehicle transport to roll on roll off.
There are few compartmentalized sections. When the hull of a RoRo is
broken, it can sink very fast. Example: Baltic Ace close to Rotterdam.
The Baltic Ace sank in 15 min after collision with a container cargo ship.
The other ship did not sink at all.
I would keep this in mind while thinking of retrofit, how to fix that.
There would be lots of money for the retrofit because the low price of
the vessel. Many of the vehicle parking could be kept too.
I think, it is a fantastic deal.