Introduction - Diamond from London, England

(Diamond) #1


My name is Diamond from London, England. Diamond really is my name - my parents picked it. It’s the first thing everyone ask.

I only found out about Seasteading today and love the idea so much I looked online and found this forum.

I enjoy a varied life of work and have done several things including IT Contracting, Project Management, Website Design, Photography, Videography but what I’m best known for is being an event and community organiser.

I’ve lost count of the number of events I’ve organised in London (as well as in India, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Spain, Hong Kong, etc) but it’s about 250+ over the last 17 years. Most of the events I organise for these days is for the CouchSurfing community. I also spent several months volunteering for CouchSurfing in Thailand on their events & outreach team. I love using the power and reach of the internet to bring like minded people together in real life and I can see this website and forum is doing the same. Through event organising I’ve learnt a lot about people, how to manage large groups and keep people happy and motivated.

I also love innovation and design and belong to several Inventors Clubs in London. I also created and ran one of the most popular inventor’s forums in the UK for many years and used to help our inventors get on TV shows and get publicity for their invention ideas, so have experience working with the media.

My other great interest is in natural health. I have my own microscope and enjoy studying about ways we can look after our own health such as by making sure we get all the essential vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids we need to stay healthy. I think nature has given us hundred of plants and herbs that we can use to keep ourselves healthy that we could all make good use of.

I also enjoy attending weekend Hackathon Software Programming Events - because they’re all about getting together with other people and making great things happen in a short space of time. I’m a firm believer that Time is the most precious resource we have and see something like Seasteading as a great idea to invest time into. I’m far from a great software programmer but I’ve managed to win a Hackathon because I was able to take all the elements the event organisers were looking for and create a concept that fulfilled all their needs and then present that idea in a way that appealed to the audience. I also got to present that winning idea in front of 700 people in London a few months later.

This weekend I’m hoping to attend my first Hackathon Event as a mentor to the students taking part and help them learn from my experiences at past events.

I have lots of skills that I think would be useful at a project such as Seasteading, but I think it’s my people skills that are most valuable. I’ve been organising events for over 17 years and learnt a lot about organising and managing people through trial and error, and with each new event trying to make continual improvements.

I also think my insights into health are very important, as we all need good health to enjoy our lives to the fullest.

I hope that’s enough of an introduction




Greetings and welcome!