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Continuing the discussion from Ocean Sphere:
and [Underwater Habitat Concept]
( in general

More Pictures at Floating Islands

Oceanic Real estate | global networking hubs | Extraterritorialized | oceanic business alliance
Naval Forts and the Pacific
Business Proposal For Current Or Future Seasteaders
Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Mid-Atlantic Ridge
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@Matias - wonderfull visualizations how human living space can look like. When we start to colonize the 90% of emptly space reserve that is at our technology reach in the oceans.


Humanity growing out of its childhood pants.

Sustainability on Planet Earth.

What will humans do on the ocean ?
The big five business fields of ocean colonization: | oceanic transport | oceanic energy | oceanic real estate | deep sea mining | oceanic aquaculture |

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Love this Ocean sphere, nice add on for Mid Ocean Seasteads alone.
Use empty seaspace Below Seasteads for shelter & for expanding population.
Ideal for submarine dock, Mini sub bays, diver EVA airlocks.

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spot on Admiral!
post saved for imminent update


Don’t get me wrong, if I saw this in real life or if it existed in real life it would be gorgeous.

But I’m not too sure if its entirely feasible, and even if it was it would probably have to take extreme cost crunching and the like.

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Eventually it would get to Mid Ocean and a lot bigger than pictured. It begins with a fairly shallow plate right next to a city.
At the stage size I pictured it would have to swim at least 20miles away from Los Angeles or San Francisco (what’s already considered a safe distance, as far as I know)

Yes Empty Seaspace is the opportunity for Ocean Colonization, it opens up a 3D layout and a blank sheet that covers 70% of the planet.
The bulk of human activity can take place in ample spheres, custom, changing, microworlds, while surface platform seasteads can offer the same things parks, beaches and seaports offer existing cities.

Pictured above is a neighbrhood of several hundred people paying for a single shell, it would be extremely cheap at that point of development compared to the moderate cost of a single family ocean home

Besides the cost of building, the cost of living in Spherical Elevator City (or cluster of) would be greatly reduced. It’s a model that could adapt nicely to a carless future. Small drones could operate safely within the large core atrium and assemble art installations - or the whole thing could be used to make microchips or grow lettuce in a controlled - custom contained environment.

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that is around 30m diameter?

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Ambient in an ocean sphere…how the “architectonic look and feel” might be.


I’m sure the city of Seoul, South Korea and iArc Architects would like to have it mentioned that this is a real-world, completed project, in downtown Seoul, South Korea.

Jeff Frusha

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shopping centers are probably a good analogy how inner atriums work as a ambient in a ocean sphere of about 30m diameter…

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