Interference is mostly private driven not state driven

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Most interference comes from “private actors” not the state…

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I don’t!..


I would bet Japan would strenuously object to Sea Shepherd being a floating nation where it could claim rights which block the Japanese whaling fleet. And while China has claimed a huge hunk (if not all) of the “China Sea”, the usa has claimed huge portions of the Pacific as “nature reserves”. If a seastead were to block them doing whatever they please, the seastead would never get statehood.

Which brings up the question of what a floating state could claim: the surface within some distance?, an underwater column or hemisphere of some radius?, the ocean bed footprint of their anchor field?, the area of the seamount they anchor or build upon?, their drift area around an anchor? Or as China and the usa have stated (thru their actions, if not words) whatever they can militarily defend?

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