Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico


How are high-end residences on peninsulas in an aquatic preserve, with no facilities for any sort of boat building/repair, let alone dedicated facilities to build seasteads applicable to seasteading? Talk about a twisted definition…


Put your glasses on. These are uninhabited mangroves keys by the sandbar. On any given weekend there are close to 100+ boats @ an average 3 people occupancy.

300 people that at some point might need beer, ice, food, gas or rent a jet ski.

The facility is 5 miles up the river. I was showing a deployment location.

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How about what? I see two large blank areas of page. There’s nothing showing, so i cannot evaluate it.

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Where was you doing that? And if JL assembles his 35ft wide boat, you expect him to get it moved overland 5 miles to the deployment site?


… and, where, on the Gulf of Mexico is this?.. Atlantic Ocean side of Florida is not Gulf of Mexico, East Coast of Florida is not the Coast of Texas, and there is nothing in those maps dedicated to seasteading, or building/supporting seasteading…

Deployment of what? A seastead? There aren’t any, yet.

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If i pick Miami as the destination, on google maps, from here, it’s exactly  the same distance from here to the 9 acres JL has in mind. It’s a lil more if i stay on interstates the whole way.

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Does anyone know where Octavian was referring to?


Jensen Beach to Jupiter Inlet Aquatic Preserve

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That’s about 12 miles of ICW? Hardly narrows it down. I wonder why Octavian doesn’t want us to know where he was talking about. Perhaps he wants a fee for the info.


LOL, I do have to go to work… Somebody has to pay taxes in this country :wink:

I was referring to the fact that we are all debating seasteading based on our personal understanding of what seasteading is. Therefore “twisted”. Maybe mine too,…


How can it be? 99% of the people don’t even know what seasteading is. There is no seasteading demand or supply. Zero. Nothing out there. Seasteading is just a CONCEPT.

BUT, those location (Noboxes click on the square in the bottom left corner for satellite view dah) could be conductive (oriented) to seasteading IF one is floated down there, that’s what I meant, in particular.

Broadly speaking, I was trying to say that an investment in a seasteading incubator SUPPLY type of “venture” is highly risky with very little chances to succeed, plain and simple because there is no DEMAND.

But, investing in seastead as a SUPPLY type of “venture” alongside some of those locations will have decent chances to succeed, since there is DEMEND.


… which is why I’m trying to get the whole thing going as an incubator site to build, launch and support, not just tell folks to build ‘my’ design.

Each of us with a real design has already justified everything we need to, to ourselves. or that matter, I can justify to myself most of my attempts at designing. Admittedly, the Ramform Dome combination was as amateurish as I have posted. Most were far better.


To each his own.

If I’d have to get investors, I’d go the opposite route. I’d tell folks “Here is my concept, design, etc. and this is how you gonna benefit from it financially and life style wise”. But that’s just me.

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There is no image, there is nothing in the large blank areas of the screen in your post. Possibly because when i am on TSI site, i am not on google maps site. And vice versa.


LOL,… You’re terrible,…

Go to Google Maps. Search “stuart florida inlet”. Switch to satellite view. Zoom in on the inlet. Navigate inside the inlet close to the N shore. Follow that channel N about,…1000 yards. On your left there is a mangrove key, S to a large sandbar. Zoom in,…

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Ok, i saw two sand bars, awash.


To reiterate:

This thread is for discussion of the potential to make a Texas Gulf Coast Incubator Site, initially intended for people to be able to come build and launch their concepts for a family-scale Seastead/Gulfstead. The property I have in mind is ~9 acres, has highway access for deliveries of supplies and waterway access to the Gulf of Mexico. There is a Marina within several miles and an RV park just across the saltwater lake.

Long-term plans include a large ramp to launch/haul-out, homestead fresh farm produce, supply and mail-delivery as part of an offshore support cooperative effort.

If you are interested in seeing this first step take place, please sign up at:

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People, if someone is saying “I could fund this enough to get it started, if i see people are interested”, but no one is interested, no one signs up, everyone figures they will go do it alone, then this chance to have a place to build, work from, use as a post office address, experiment with different designs, it all becomes so much hot air like the fantasy cga that no one will ever build. I do not understand how you do not see this is a plan with the package of needed features not offered by any other marina or boat yard. For dog’s sake (or beer, wine, rum) you know of a marina with space to build a hull, launch it, park your truck for years, physically secured with watchfull eyes 24-7, say something.


This forum has batted the idea of an Incubator Site around for the last 3 years, since the 2015 design contest… I do not remember if it was discussed in the now archived older forum.

Many members have expressed a desire for a place to be able to build and launch their dreams…

WE have a chance to do this now, simply because I asked for this chance, rather than talk in the forum. It commits me to a 30 year mortgage and commits those that sign up to nothing more than admitting you want a place to be able to come build those dream-boats. My wife and I are putting the rest of our lives into this effort. @noboxes is willing to move tools, supplies and sub-assemblies some 850 miles, to have a place for final assembly and launch…

Sign Up, help make this happen, so you, too, have a place to come, build and launch. Once we have one such place, it will only be a matter of time before there is another. Until there is one such place, there cannot be another.

Help make this happen. SHOW TSI that there IS a desire to build family-scale Seasteads, not just vaporware fantasies floating in a forum…

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I think it is needed but likely will never live in the US again so would never use it. But I hope it goes through for the sake of innovation.

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  That’s a 14 hour drive each way vs 5 hours to the coast, and at $2.80/gal gasoline that’s $100 each way vs $33 to the local GOM coast.

  So basically, putting the boat into the water will cost me three times more because all “normal” marinas make rules to prohibit a private individual from doing any more than putting a finished boat less than 8ft wide  into the water, and then clearing the marina’s property to get the next person in. At three times the driving to get to JL’s proposed place, it’s still cheaper than anything i have found, and the SSB (Seastead Support Base) will offer features not found at all, as simple as indefinite parking and launching is included  (within physical limits, you may need to provide your own batteries).

  Eventually too, i expect to see a small store, with select items from Harbor Fright, Home Despot, Loads, and Wammart right there at the water’s edge, or available on the water taxi.

  This isn’t meant to be a project of “you build it for @JL_Frusha and he alone profits”, acres  of waterfront would be available for seastead use, long term floating around, with a stable interface to the land. If you are renting a 75x75 or 50x100 or whatever the space works out to be, and you improve that spot, you take your improvements with you when you leave, or sell them to the next person/family! Try dropping a shipping container on any regular marina and doing that! Try 3D printing a 24x50 cement boat at any marina or boatyard! Try sub-letting your space for 3 years while you circle the globe!

  Sure it will be difficult to start. It’s not just “drive onto the property, get out, start building”. And there will be gotchas like flooding in hurricanes. But the go-getter and person who is going to be floating anyhow can see a 4ft flooding as simply time to do things inside as their stuff floats, same as if they were 4ft or 4 miles offshore.

  In JL’s proposal, it’s his property, but that’s not to say TSI won’t make a counter proposal where they fund the whole SSB, and then JL (or a group of people) make a counter proposal to that. But if you are interested in a place that makes rules to help you get onto the water, this is your chance to express that, and hopefully it happens and you can take advantage of the opportunity to develop it and show it can be done, along with others who are pursuing the same dream and sharing information and the occasional helping hand (while their epoxy or cement is setting up). And maybe show that this can be done in other places.

  This isn’t a place to make money at, certainly not during start-up. This is a place where you buy some steel and someone bends it to the shape you want for boat ribs, because they want to, and you want to replay them by doing some painting. Or you set up the SSB’s internet and everyone else pays for it, so your’s is free (mind the caveats). Maybe your lunch is free at the canteena because you shared your morning catch. Or a few of you build and share the 3D boat hull printer. Unless someone buys the property first and makes it a for-profit, out of everyone’s price range, it can be a cooperative, with people cooperating. This is the pre-proposal time. You could be involved.