Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico


LOL, where? Cuba? You’re trippin,…

BUT, I agree that such “cat” could be considered a seastead. And why bother docking?? Drop the hook behind the mangroves in the Keys and people will come to you. Can make a reasonable $800 net/day on location. If chartered, $1800/day.

To start with. And move on.

BUT AGAIN, why a 128’ sport fish cat? For what? And why start @ 128’?

Why not “just” an 80’-100’ mobile floating island modular type seastead design?

That’s my “dinghy” 28’ cabin cruisers docked alongside on the port quarter :wink:.

Or here:

Whichever comes first.


You were offering connections and low fees, the other day, maybe you should get to it…


Not in a hurry to build yet. Still have details to figure out, most importantly, feasibility and location. That’s why I mainly got the boat for.

Feasibility wise, that’s another beast,…

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No, Iwas looking on googe maps- about all I can do now. I was sort of offering the $200/month to encourage JL to drop his sights a bit and check out mining claims or lease an acre or two of “farm land” …like right across form Bird Island north Padre Island just south of the south channel out of Corpus Christi Bay- packery channel. there is a dead end road opposite of south bird island looks interesting. Tires are abundant in Texas and I haven’t been on a yacht in 12 years… I figured I could throw a hook there and maybe park a truck… looks deserted except a rectangle reservoir 1/4 mile away.

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I like Texas. I’ve been to both. Besides until I get the rubber hull further wrapped in sharkskin…I should just post a picture of my truck you’d get the idea of how much concern I have towards “immovable objects” . Not a good habit piloting boats. Besides, less speeding bathtubs to observe, more relaxed commercial fishing regs, closer to Mexico (further from Dominican), and the biggest reason - even if I don’t get her speed up to 11-12 knots Its a long downwind run from the oil rigs if a storms passes through just the opposite of west coast Florida. I would’t really even need to monitor the radio- the waves would just as accurately tell how big and far away the hurricane is as the news and there are quite a few less of them. 12 foot ground swells even mixed with heavy chop are not going to be that stressful.
Texas has really nice feature with the fishing regs- you can have both commercial and sport license “plates” and interchange them. Slower is better.


Problem is I need water access to do what I’m planning, not necessarily beachfront, but something I can float-out in nd navigate on into the GoMex… That and there are only 3 counties on the coast where I can keep my VA doctors.

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distill? I can carry 7000 gallons in ibc totes…P.O. Box?how about a floating shipyard… 80 x 100? - free!!! the even have elastomeric leachate proof paint if one didn’t trust the plastic…oops not free. Its actually the same size as my cat drawing. 5250 (could make it with 5150 if you like Van Halen) used tires 14 rolls 6 mil plastic (they can not possibly ALL leak at once…And some strapping. fill between the tires with driftwood and seashells then pour a concrete pad on top.or 400 pallets with plywood in “key” spots. we wouldn’t even need the land. could take turns watching each other’s REGISTERED YACHTS. just couldn’t all go to shore at same time. I got my son with me all summer. I’ll be done with cat in 2-3 months…


For building would be OK, but…

a) trucks don’t deliver offshore
b)It’s going to need registration and all
c)Need a proper mooring and stability to build on
d)A floating site won’t be practical for keeping other people’s ongoing, weekend/holiday/vacation-time builds on.

I’m satisfied I’ve covered essential bases, with this concept. for an Incubator Site/Support Base. I really think, for the majority of Seasteaders, it’s the next step.

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a) but they do deliver to the edge of certain waterways and there are fast cheap low head pumps- you only need 1 extra empty IBC tote.
b) Its 20 dollars to register a boat. plus life jackets, running lights, and decals.
c) a 100ft x 80ft raft is fairly stable in power boat wakes. Mooring is not allowed at the right locations (on purpose). Tie a line around a huge rock.
d) “manage” their additional “free” tire “yachts” for a fee when unattended. No additional registrations needed just attach it to the existing platform.

E) Yes, I agree you are correct on both those points, I just don’t like “boxes” either. I’d rather pole or scull to the next big rock “downstream”, and toss out a 1/2 dozen fish traps. You do realize the tire tubes can be separated and the finished “boat project” just drops into the water? You might even get your personal boat project (seriously that a bigger project than mine even at 1/4 the displacement) finished in two years.


Have to have an income that will allow me to build it and a place to do so. Some of the materials are my own design, too.

In theory, I could just follow the directions from a couple of books, in reality, I want it engineered properly and that is going to take some collaboration, to ensure it actually has the adaptability I have in mind, so it can be changed, with new circumstances, even later generations of owners… I’m expecting to build the hull, itself, to endure well over a hundred years.

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**_Texas Based Incubator Site Sign-Up_**
**_Texas Based Incubator Site Sign-Up_**

This is a serious proposal and has generated interest at TSI, above forum level. If you are interested, sign up there ONLY, discussion belongs in here.

Jeff Frusha

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I am concerned that all your words on the TSI forum will belong to TSI, to do with as they wish.


I am trying to get enough signatures to warrant a grant proposal. You have email.

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I need to point out that the drive there for me is a lil more than twice the drive to some potentially great sites in Alabama. To make Houston is an additional $70 in driving (the car, $150 for the truck) and no one-day turn-arounds for me. I have not done the math, but looks to me like i will hit rush hour in some big city while pulling a trailer full of boat. Both vehicles have over 200k miles on them, so do i, making this an issue.

I am not writing off a site in Tx, but i will expect more from it to offset my expenses, and due to my time on the road i would be contributing less (money, time, work, materials) to it during those travel times.


All of us are under different constraints, however, the main goal, at this juncture is to generate enough interest to warrant a potential grant proposal.




Shipping container, or suitable means of securing smaller supplies and equipment. I realize that you potentially have an entire lockable trailer (or more). Generating signatures in an effort to show legitimate interest in establishing such a venture.

So far, I have one preferred location chosen.

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I did not do that either. I did mention somewhere a 150x150 ft square floating platform of unmentioned height and construction.

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“So far, I have one preferred location chosen.”
" sign up there ONLY, discussion belongs in here."
That is the basis of my post.Write my proposal a grant application. you can take 66% pff the top if approved.

You know my project a shared a picture. I can’t shove that into the gulf from the property you showed me,Don’t you have my email?