Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico


It’s just the demonstration model… Proof of concept

Main thing there is the ride herd on fish pens in a kelp bed.

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I was reading that pressure(low) treated (creosote) bamboo will last centuries in concrete. “free steel”.

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“last” vs “carry heavy load and not allow the cement to fracture in stress loading”, is 2 or 3 different things.


I also worked out a thermoplastic Basalt rebar… thermoplastic, not thermoset Basalt weight ~1/3 what steel does, Geopolymer should weigh considerably less than OPC based ferrocement construction. Net weight savings translate into a LOT of weight savings.

Granted, I’ll have to make my own rebar, make my own geopolymer, but I have the necessary information to do so. If I remember correctly, Ferrocement construction becomes lighter than steel, for adjusted identical design at over 26 ft LOA

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but basalt fibers are still expensive. are you expecting a price drop?seemed to me they were specialty replacements for S-glass

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They are throwing broken glass on tar coated bamboo in high rise construction in India. Their engineers are ok with it.

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Rolls of roving are considerably cheaper than ready-made rebar, for one. Weight savings and increased strength, for another. Durability? Why worry about a 40 year potential, if you can build for hundreds, even, potentially, thousands of years?

I’m not here to play games. I’m planning for generations to use what I make, if given the chance.

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So, would the down payment be $65K ?
I played the lottery. I did not win.
May be, I will take it Vegas and double it.


Downpayment on the land, itself, plus the closing costs will be over $50k but the catch is that it has to become my primary residence, for the tax exemption, so I also have to move there. The bus we live in has to be either repaired and driven, or loaded on a flatbed lowboy and hauled, among other things that have to be moved. Add utilities and that covers the $65k really fast.

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Not bad considering, a primary residence has to be occupied probably not for 24/7/364,
but like more than 6 month / year. and wife, or children, and even a sibling would qualify
a person for that.
Moving there to camp is a good idea to start with. I am impressed.
So $50K as 20% makes the total price $250K. Not bad. I just do not have money for that.

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me neither, but a dock for for 128 foot offshore sportfishing catamaran I would pay 200/month for in a couple of years or so.

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San Diego is an interesting deal, with $125/month for mooring under the Coronado bridge
with a 50’ monohull sailboat and a liveaboard 25’ power boat at Chula Vista, or National City,
docking for $300/ month. But it is no GoMex.

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In Southern-California, anchoring in a harbor is free for 5 days/month.
So just have to find 6 harbors. And those people are called the ‘harbor hoppers’.

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under-the-table deal ???

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60’ is just to passe for a motor cat now. I’m need 128 ft to fish oil rigs in gulf. I was busy drawing my 128 ft cat. only got cross section. The grey tires are not full length only under the 6 cross beams. So with both sides of the hulls used for fishing its got (20) fishing “pockets” 3feet wide 8 feet long 2 feet off the sea. Use leash no lifelines. If you can’t control your 70 lbs tuna on a handline (like 5’4 120lbs Filipino grandpas do routinely)and have it on board in three min or less, then you have to fish the stern or for bait at night and sleep days. compact electric motor on the end of the “oar”. 30 SHP hsp, 7 knots, 99 ton disp. This is not the tournament version.

80 pax

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context: | Floating Home Styles |
agreed… not even “a project” rather a “cluster of projects” (personal style each floating home) as my group is doing in Cholon (Cartagena Caribbean) …there is no need to get anybody on the same style and taste of seasteading - muliple colors and tastes should be welcome…budget projection 1/3 the cost of an average home in the US (maintaining the same square footage)…what is “joint effort” is authority handling, permit, watchman, transport solutions, sourcing, water, electricity, internet … on a “can have service” (no obligation)

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If you had a choice of parking that monster at a dock directly attached to shore, or a floating platform with 150ft sides in deeper water 1000ft from shore, which would you go for?

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Ignoring that it is going to be used as an undocumented “private club” fishing boat intended for maximum use among hundreds or thousands of owners and would obviously want to be shore based, I would have to say shore based anyways. On operating floating platform would have no use for this “monster” to be attached. If they did, sure ok then, because they can pay the most for its services. I don’t believe anyone can document a used tire vessel. It took 15 years before the USCG would certify 49PAX multihulls, even though they dominated the pax ferry/short cruise market shortly afterward.

Now if your talking about what would I do (or a different captain) and despite the best efforts we were being chased down by a hurricane (you would have to be trying to do so based out of Texas, and a complete idiot anywhere else except south Florida and Keys where they can switch directions rather quickly and even have two spinning at once) and had a chance to duck behind a “ship” or continue passage to try and make port? I don’t know about others but I would wait it out in vicinity of the platform not necessarily anchored or attached to the platform. Fun show coming and the consequence of being slammed into the platform by breaking backwash wave is diminished by the rubber nature of the yacht.

   It's a known vs an unknown situation.. Lots of bad things can happen continuing. Visibility is already gone for most practical purposes (If not I would bring the monster IN and run it up on the bar and tie it ashore - still not continue to a dock). Even if there is a bar entrance 10-30 minutes away and your sure you could surf though it on faith alone, that is a big risk. Then if you hit anything or anything hits you, this boat is not insured, basically anything goes wrong its going to be your fault. There is a good chance of evacuating  onto the floating platform, and winching the bow partially out of the water, zero damage. If not there is always going to be a lee of the platform from the wind and spray, if not the surf also.