Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico


See, that where me and you disagree. I mean to the bone.

9 acres,…waterfront,… no way man. If you want to make this homeboys rich, go for it. Not me.


LOL… I have several I want to build. One is actually trailerable. The best (imho) one is ~32 ft wide, 64 ft long and estimated 22.6 m.t. I have others, as well.


There is only one way to find out. Build it.

Tires again? :blush:

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Keep talking…

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64’ is tough. 60 max for my truck. II can get away with red flag no escort but still illeagal cause of front overhang. 60 x 10 need permit anything bigger cost 3 xs as much

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Funny thing, i immeadiately thought of “Burning Man On The Water”. There’s a song about that, but it’s set in Switzerland, not Florida.


Which is why I need to be able to launch into water, not trailer something 4 lanes wide

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So really, you NEED only 32 feet of water frontage. Funny, me too, but i am not going to pay to have 20ft wide trailered 100’s miles to the gom, so i need an assembly space just prior to hitting the ramp. But not 9 acres worth.


Again,…and again,… How many f---- times do I have to say this?? At 64 x 32 you build in the boat yard and splash.

How the heck you gonna launch 22 tons on your land without a lift,…DAHHH

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I’m going to “launch(over a bridge if I have to)” off of my truck (6 used tire loads) a 128 foot catamaran “kit” and assemble it in the water (need 50 crew) and be at one of the gulf oil rigs the following day. 3 day weekend type deal. Instead of bridge deal how much would I have to pay?


32 ft plus for clearances, but, I only need ~3 ft of water, to float it in, too…


Hmmm. What’s that built off to draw only 3’ @ 64’ x 32" @ 22 tons?? Cork?

Is it a cat, maybe?


22.6 metric tonnes of cork would take up more volume


It’s not volume. Displacement.

Any money left to build after that ocean front real estate “deal”?


32 ft beam, 64 ft loa

less than 3 ft displacement

Your numbers are off, not mine

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It’s an aluminum container built with a mesquite bush hard bottom with a pointy pkywood bow and flat transom. It needs to be that heavy for stability? oh so not 32" ?

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Do you have a sketch?


check your messages


As I said, if a cat, maybe. Still, as per your posts saying that is a “cement” construction I was thinking more like 5’ draw.

Not that it matters. Still decent if so.

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oh.the real real “ramform”(type). Well that is a beast but its still not big enough to mothership an few acres of hydroponics.