Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico


That would not be a kit, it would be specifically designed to fit into an existing design, which is why I asked how much space is available, first.

Suppose you were designing an electronic gizmo… The math calls for 10,000Ω resistor… What are the specifics of that installation that might help you choose the correct 10,000Ω resistor for the application? By design, it has to reject heat, so, is this a high heat environment? Through-hole mount? Can you use a metal-film resistor, or does it need to be a wire-wound ceramic type? Maybe a Leeds-Northrup type, or a thick-film?

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That is too involved. I’d be pointing at that i have on display, and saying “that’s it”. If it’s to hot, add a fan. If the choice must be made between a wire wound and a metal film for each installation, it’s been poorly designed. I’ll skip comment on the L&N.

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To be practical to market at normal human budget constraints, a solution cannot be entirely custom/bespoke/uniquely designed.

The effort of R&D can usually only be recouped by mass production (for certain values of “mass”.)


It’s all one big experiment. At least, with the homestead, I’m working with known values and have a working solution. Building, floating out, etc., for the Gulfstead is a whole 'nother animal.

Having space for others and being able to help them support their own construction, then helping support offshore is the best I can offer… But, given the current lack of suitable spaces to build at reasonable cost, since I’m planning to foot the mortgage and set up a food supply and all, have someone available to secure their stuff while they are building, etc. Getting some folks to pitch in to get the ball rolling is a practical opportunity to make this happen.

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What is the cost for 1/2 acre where you want it? Would that have 600ft of 20ft deep waterfront?


Plenty of catches…

No restrictions
Not in a developement
RVs allowed
No building plan required
etc., etc.

Land isn’t the problem. Land that can be used to build on, launch from, regardless of the neighbors, with water access to the GoMex, with highway access for trucking in supplies, etc., is the problem.

That over-priced place is technically still on the market. I could even potentially afford the ~9 acres, if I had 20% down and closing costs and move-in funds… We’d be camping in the bus, just as we are now, but we could do it.


With ~$65k in an under-the-table deal, I could begin purchasing on a 30 yr mortgage, the property will be tax exempt and private, yet no restrictions, it commits me to ~$1k/mo for 30 years. You want access, get together, start scraping it together. 130 people at $500/each. I’m not borrowing that, that’s you getting me committed to the payments and having access to the property.

What does that ‘buy’? 20% down on the property of ~9 acres, closing costs, and move-in for my wife and I (inc. utilities)… Virtually 24/7/365 on-site surveillance…

We’d be living roughly the same as we are now, but buying, with room for people to come set up and build. There’s a submerged road at the back of the property that could become a shallow water ramp, highway access for deliveries, etc. Start gardening, and scale that up, add small livestock, a little at a time and grow the whole project a little at a time.

Folks want to come build, they agree to some reasonable monthly funds to have someone watching over their stuff, etc.

Jeff Frusha


That’s an assumption,… that “others” will flock to your property for building seasteads. And that’s a fact. What if you are dead wrong?? Now you got stuck with a mortgage on an overpriced property that doesn’t “produce” jack shit. Meaning, 0 (zero) revenues. And, more importantly, 0 (zero) seasteading results. What’s next?

What “ball” and what “practical” is that? Please don’t get me wrong here man, but we are talking about investing here,… aren’t we?

What would I get in return for investing in your “Gulfstead”? Why would I dump valuable cash in overprice land in Texas when I can build as big as I want in Palm City on my friend’s 5 acres farm, not a penny spend on renting a building place?

Dito above. YOU have that problem in Texas. I don’t, in Florida. You want to build? Come on down and I’ll hook you up on a minimal fee. and you’ll save thousands,… 3 miles away from the water and all the support that you want. Cheap towing, cheap labor, cheap parts, cheap materials.

And what’s in the Gulf after you splash your seastead on location?? How do you make money there? What’s your sustainability plan?


You won’t have my Drs there. The place I have in mind, I get to keep my Drs and it doesn’t cost the taxpayers one red cent more for me to do so.

I’m not offereing to move across the continent, I’m offering to help establish a private property and friends agreement, so people have the ability to, whether or not they do any such thing.

Why 3 miles, 1/2 a continent away, when I can get waterfront with GoMex access, just up the road from a marina, across a small bay from an RV park, etc.?

Sorry @Octavian You aren’t making an offer I think is reasonable.

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Technically, he made no offer, there was no specific money mentioned, just that he gets a fee for giving you the phone number to his friend, who may want $500k/year or just turn you down.

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No no no, JL wants a grant of the $65k down payment and initial expenses. You will get no money back. This really needs to be clear up front. @JL_Frusha correct me if i am wrong.


I wasn’t making an offer man. I’m not the one in need of capital infusion for the down payment and closing costs. YOU ARE. Just telling you, plain and simple that I have building figured out without a major capital investment in real estate.

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So have i, but i know i will never be funded in any way shape or form except from my own pocket.


LOL. For $65k I’ll build, float and operate a 60’ seastead-floating island-airbnb in the Keys making AT LEAST $300/day net profit, 200-250 days a year.


Well, hop to it, Jimminey


Good. Why bite more than you can chew? Overall I’m not a fan (at all) of all those seasteading projects in need of “massive” capital infusion.

If a seastead can’t make it small, how can it make it big? If so, and without the proof of concept (small) why go for big?

Any big seastead venture is a high risk investment.


Not yet, sunny… Got to be much more than just a money making scheme,… That’s where the hard part of seasteading is, in my book.

A way forward…

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How about selling fuel for 50 cents a gallon cheaper that at the marina? can one have an 80 foot used tire barge with a 7000gal trailer full of gasoline and sell it 3 miles off shore? maybe beer/ice/bait also?


Something we agree on…

So far, there is nowhere to actually BUILD w/o a huge investment, even in land, let alone leasing space to do so, which is why I’m actually trying to solve that problem.

Doesn’t get anyone committed for some huge, unreasonable sum, if they run a go-fund me and donations are anonymous, but this isn’t any ordinary thing. It’s a dream that, to some degree, we agree on and want to have happen… NOT the $1 Million buy-in, mega-barge, rather, the space for people to bring their materials (or have them delivered) and start building, but, you know, I’m willing to commit 30 years and ~$360,000 to having that place to do so, ~550% more than the startup infusion and literally putting my life on that line, should that funding happen, for the place to begin making it happen. No book-tours, no flight to UAE for a slideshow, just ~9 acres of waterfront property with access to a highway, a marina just down the road and so on.

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I can get property well inland for $500/acre. as long as its less than 50k lbs and fits 10 x 60 x 8’6 tall…build anything you want. , oh and access to 65k forklift.