Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico


At least I have a friend committed to a 3D print of my design, for testing purposes…

The model may actually be mini-tender size… Depends on how he sets it all up. 32" beam, 64" LOA would be a mighty nice model…

As for selling the land… I plan on it being an integral part of the supply base, including fresh, in-season produce. Additionally, it provides a nice base to tuck into from Winter weather… I hate being Cold.


I don’t see how building anything for you and your wife to live on the water in order “to tuck into from Winter weather” could ever qualify as a “seasteading project”.


Not your project, not my problem. I’ll run mine my way and that’s what counts. It’s a big planet covered in ~72% water… Plenty of room to do whatever I damned well please and have no concern over your daffynition of seasteading.


You can do whatever you damn please on your own website without concern of my

But since this is not your website and since this is an open forum for seasteading, my only concern is that somehow you got lost browsing the net looking for a place to solicit

on a private business you want to undertake that has nothing to do with seasteading, which is spamming.

And, according to TSI’s Guidelines for The Seasteading Institute Discussion Forum, “There is zero tolerance for spammers and spam”. And I will take my concerns regarding your actions to TSI.


I want help to get a place to do exactly what Seasteading is about… Building, launching, living it, supporting it and letting others do the same in a cooperative effort.

Spamming is when W.E. sticks his 15 websites into a thread…

What private business? Where did I ever say it was a business? Private property, simply as a tax dodge, which very few in here can legally do… But, I have it and I offered to share it… You want to come build? You can help with the expenses involved. It’s REALLY that easy.


Take? To whom? @joequirk ? @RandolphHencken ? They are more than welcome to decide whatever.

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HEY !!

I was soliciting for a place to assemble and launch a boat too! Can you take my actions to TSI too, please??


Hey is for horses. Learn some manners.

Of course I will. Plus I will also take you on violating #2 Guideline for The Seasteading Institute Discussion Forum: “Be respectful of the other participants. Rude comments, name-calling, and other negative behaviors are not welcome here.”

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You mean like when you called me that name that rhymes with “hitch”?


It was a misspell. I meant “witch”.

Take it to TSI.

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Oh, then not a problem. I respect the fine old religions and beliefs, far more than the young “middle eastern” cults.



My idea is not about buying a boatyard. That would be relatively easy, i I could find one I actually wanted. I’ve looked at boatyards, They cannot do what I want to do.

It’s about creating an incubator site that is also a base of operations and support base, growing fresh produce, being able to model, test and build, but handle mail, supply deliveries, etc.

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Plans are underway on that very thing for the anchor zone in French Polynesia. Including housing. The food systems group is very innovative. Should see some good things on sustainability even before the seastead goes up.


I’d rather fish then grow food.


I’d rather grow food and fish. fish, all by itself, gets blech, pretty fast.

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I like to fish and I like to eat fish.
And I am looking for a woman, who likes to catch fish, clean fish and cook fish,
and has a fishing boat. Please send pictures of the fishing boat.

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Deja vu.

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Well, If collecting dead fish in knee deep water tossed there by fishermen counts, you should have no problem finding one. All “islanders” have a no women at sea culture based “taboo”. No worries, a seastead is more closely related to a factory/processing ship where they are allowed. Also women are frequently taken aboard fishing boats as passengers/barter items(probably #1 reason why the don’t go out a lot)/and out of necessity. I’m being 100% serious. Even as passengers they are as likely as not to use most if not all of the drinking water to wash clothes or bathe. But after fish are “landed” at least in the Philippines they take on 90% of the work, transporting, selling, cooking, cleaning.


My initial goal is to create a complete Incubator Site where someone can model, test in scale, modify as necessary, then build Seasteads/Gulfsteads, launch, then operate with a support base. I would prefer to locate in Calhoun County, Jackson County, or Matagorda County. Indianola had a nearly ideal property available, but extremely overpriced several years ago.

The property should be large enough to have Homestead/Commercial scale Intensive Vegetable Gardening, small livestock (such as poultry for fresh eggs), as well as parking, space for people to have their construction supplies delivered and secured, along with space to model, wave and flume tanks for testing of models, then space to build several (roughly family scale) vessels at a time, as well as the capacity to launch them into navigable waters, leading to the Gulf of Mexico.

Considering my own initial intended build has a beam of 32 ft and LOA of ~62 ft, perhaps a 4 lane-width (45-60 ft) ramp would be suitable, along with a long-term goal of one or more large, hurricane-resistant structure(s) to build in, in line with the ramp(s). The ramps might be open-access for some day-launch access by others, as well.

One reason for the specified area is my own access to medical care, through the Audie Murphy VA Hospital in San Antonio, TX.

**Intensive Vegetable Gardening for Profit and Self-Sufficiency **

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What about further south? South of Corpus Christi. Loyola Beach? Looks way less expensive…50 knots to a more “prime site” by private supply ship is nothing cost wise.