Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico

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Consider this: they didn’t build that house while tilted at 15 degrees, neither did they pour the concrete for the cassion. So they took some time and effort to tilt the assembly to the ramp while avoiding cracking it in half. I’d have avoided that step, i’d have kept it level.

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Unless they put it (level) on an engineered set of steel trusses and then tilted/lowered them into the water.

At some point, they lifted the house onto the steel structure they used to float it into the water. As it is a relatively small structure as either houses or industrial marine applications go, they probably just used a travel lift and some dunnage and slings. 70 tons is kind of a common minimum travel lift capacity, with multi-hundred ton lifts being available as well.


That grid-encased assembly is a heat-exchange plate assembly for their heat-pump…!

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I accept your decision, though I do not see the reason.

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Now, there you go. Some actions could be in the background too, or
may be the bot is set like that.

The forum is often polarized. I do not want to pick side.
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I should have read more about this idea earlier. I am definitely interested in using a support base at some point. Ideally it would be located on the Pacific, but it’s not like there are a lot of options out there.

I think I will sign up, so long as there are no obligations at this point.


My Reddit user name is raven1962




Texas General Land Office and Aquaculture Offshore Leasing Info…

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That’s all good and proper for a commercial farmer, but what if your seastead just happens to always have free-roaming wildlife flourishing around it, and you aren’t feeding it?


Be careful what you fish for?


Thursday afternoon (~1PM Central), I will be presenting to the 1st Board of Directors, on my plan for the current property location. If they approve, I can begin proceedings to purchase it.


Punted the ball…

HOA Board was griping about stuff they don’t have rules for… yet…

So, I contacted the Chamber of Commerce in the 3 counties to choose from. See what comes up.