Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico


THAT is why I am going through their Board before spending one thin dime of cash. Permits have nothing to do with the Board, but the Board already knows what permits can be had as part of the Business Park…


I have about 2-1/2 weeks to prepare a presentation for the Board of the HOA/Business Park.

Since one forum member has gone so far as to disparagingly call it a “hobo camp”, I now have to allay that fear and show that it will not become one, on top of regular considerations.

Sometimes, petty, snide comments like that do far more damage to the entire cause, than full-blown arguments.


That is optional, but that’s for access to amenities like their pool.

The same Board also oversees the Business Park.


Not to worry. I have no intentions of sliding a house into, or out of the water.

An image search shows a brief slideshow and that was a successful launch, in B.C…

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How is the floating home picture a cautionary tale? Looks like it is used as an advertisement of services, and was going as planned…


What does that mean? Why are you mentioning my name (implying a negative association) in relation to “margins of seasteading safety”, (which, by the way, are very high) when you have no clue about them?

As if anybody seasteading with you will have a “higher safety margin”? Oh,… the seastead is rolling 10%,…lets evacuate,…

When was the last time you have been on the water?

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Meaningless nonsense. It was within designed parameters. Regardless of what willies you get. That’s like taking a picture of something heavy being moved by a crane and saying “SEE HOW CLOSE IT GOT TO THE CABLE SNAPPING AND DISASTER!!!1!” without knowing anything about the cable strength or the weight of the object or common practice.

Slipways are generally steeper than boat launch ramps anyway. If you watch old video of ships being launche, they often knocked out supports and let the ship slide free and splash, sploosh, you suddenly have a floating vessel.

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Tempting to ban you. You’re not helpful, you don’t collaborate, don’t get along with anyone, complain constantly, and have a martyr/victim complex the size of Siberia.

Grow up. People disagree on a lot of things. You’ve said useful things in the past, but not much recently. If you leave (again), no one will miss you. If you change your approach, no matter how unlikely that seems, you might get a different result.

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But the crap from Octavian is just peachy isn’t it?

Oh yea, knowing it’s tempting to ban me isn’t me having any kind of unsubstanciated victim complex is it?

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Nah, it’s all pretty tedious. Again, kind of juvenile how so many of you point fingers at each other rather than addressing your own bad behavior.

The boat pics you just posted appear to be some guy who backed his boat in (without a ramp, at that!) while still strapped to the trailer, nothing to do with either the steepness of the (nonexistent?) ramp, nor professional builders floating a large, engineered structure down a slipway.

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I already addressed the point you raised. It has no merit.

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The particular structure in question appears to be a concrete caisson with foam filled buoyancy chambers forming a barge like platform. There is no hull to ship water. If some water splashed up the side, or even onto the floor inside the structure it would probably cause no damage. I would expect that inside is unfurnished at this stage, likely unfinished as well. Cables are attached to the side for winching it down the slipway on a controlled fashion.

“Unnecessary” doesn’t take any local conditions into acvount, none of us know what limitations exist to make it necessary. Doesn’t appear all that risky to me.

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Your aggregate posting in this topic seems to add up to a complaint about the entire concept of boat launch ramps being a bad idea. Which is just ridiculous. Perhaps you could back up and make a better stab at what you’re trying to say? Because it is not making sense to any of the rest of us. And that is not an attack; It’s an obvious fact.

It doesn’t help your case when you petulantly delete everything anyone criticized or disagrees with.

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That is incorrect. I am trying to say they are not as safe as you all make them out to be. They are not infallable. They are not failsafe. What they are is ubiquitous, generally cheap, easy to build, and require no learning to use. Despite that, people continue to sink their boats off them, and run their trucks into the water. There are times when something else beats a ramp.

I also believe that anything i say will be disregarded, as i have said these things before.

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I have no case. There is nothing i can win.

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Last point first: of course. No one has claimed otherwise.

Ubiquitous, relatively cheap, and easy is precisely the point. Sometimes good enough is good enough, especially when the alternative is nothing.

Finally, the first point. Ramps are plenty safe if used with a modicum of conscious thought. You can’t make them completely fail safe and simultaneously open to completely untrained people from the general public. You have to have control over process to make the simplest device “safe”. So what? Business is more concerned with limiting liability than curing stupidity. There is simply no point in arguing against Jeff building a ramp, the whole discussion is frustrating in its futility and lack of productive input. Perhaps saying building something in addition to a ramp is useful, but it has to be justified with a business case.

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It would not be unusual for a boat yard to splash boats as a service for a fee rather than making the ramp open to the public. This limits risk and liability both, by adhering to processes.

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Lots of things from here can be moved into the off topic section.

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I am not doing that. Are you?

I am saying that maybe a rethink is in order for a ramp that is to be 60ft wide, and 140ft before it even reaches the water. The cost to benefit ratio. The number of boats served and their requirements vs the boat(s) that need a ramp of those dimensions.

I am not de-justifying that big boat. But even it’s launching is not going to look like a normal boat launch, so how can we consider launching it the same way? If 99.99% of the boats can be launched for 10% of the cost, that option cannot be explored? Is the ONLY way to launch the big 60ft wide boat the same way at the same location and same speed and same path and same everything as the lil jonboats? That’s the business case, and i have said all this before too.

And it’s just possible the small ramp plus different big-boat launch method provides another benefit too. But we shouldn’t consider than at all because i thought of it? That’s what it smells like.

Not in this case. The money isn’t there for the asking. No one has said they’ll provide the soundproofed work building AND the gigantic boat ramp. Chances are, it’s one or the other to start off with, and to start off with there is not huge boat that needs a huge ramp. Again, that’s the business case. However, as a huge boat is nearing completion, more consideration is rightly given how to get it over the bank and into the water. If 15 degrees is good nuff for a houseboat, why can’t a regular boat also be launched at 15 degrees? Can’t the lil boat ramp be widened in 10 years when the big boat is ready?

If they can get a train up a 45 degee angle…

Or bigger boats than 60ft wide up the side or a mountian on a regular basis…

But, hell, i am being just as you described me, an asshole who isn’t helpful at all.

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Keeping it level at 45 degrees:

No need to tilt the whole houseboat just because the ramp is tilted. Think outside the freaking box.