Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico


A bit better render. Added my Ramform w/32 ft Beam, a slightly modified version of @Alexander_Tomasik’s Family Unit Boat w/28 ft dome, and a yacht image, snipped from a marina satellite view…

Those 5 RV slots would be setup to potentially have 10 smaller RVs. If someone had a group-build going on, they’d be able to get more people onsite, for a quicker build…


Quick look at the job market in the vicinity, for anyone that might need to work while building……135.3424.18j16…0…1…3…0j0i71j35i39j0i67j0i20i264j0i131j0i131i67j0i10.foFU4pqPZ5g%3D#fpstate=spexp&htiq=collegeport%20jobs


Local public schools…


That’s where the ramp will be and keeps it within property lines, but the cut is intended to be through a low bluff and down to the ~2 meter bottom depth of that part of the bay.


Actually, the ramp itself is set to be ~60ft wide, plus the piers are expected to be ~10 ft wide each. Total length should be in the neighborhood of 142 ft. For a local ramp, here’s an idea of a local ramp, but I guarantee it does not reach bay depth at the end of the ramp.

Best guess at how much water will be on the ramp…



Yes, alternative launch methods are planned, short-term. In the long-run, just for my own hopeful build, I need the space planned ahead.

No, not many permits are issued for 2 meter depth ramps. Not many are applied for, either.

Some features of the long-term design have to be incorporated into the approval process, whether they get fully realized, or not. I already know I hope to have the need for that ramp and the purpose of making an incubator site is to reduce the costs of building elsewhere. Kind of defeats the purpose, if there is no plan for it to serve as a build spot for the largest hoped-for design.

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True, although I could think of several reasonable purposes for it right on-site (berms and piers, building up bases for building to be above flood levels, etc.). Some of the removed material might go right out into the water to form a pier on each side of the ramp extending out, rather than merely excavating inside the property lines. This would depend upon an approved engineering plan and environmental study, I’m sure.

The ramp will likely also entail recurring dredging expenses including permits. My yacht club just had our dredge submitted for an insurance claim due to an accident that capsized the machine, and I believe that claim is over $75k for replacement. We basically have a short few weeks each year when the fish spawning season won’t be disrupted, when dredging one row out of 5 is permitted. So each row gets dredged once every 5 years, and it gets pretty shallow in between those dredging intervals. That’s with a fairly consistent 3-5 knots current running in the main channel we’re on the edge of.

One of the 5 funds our monthly dues are divided into pays for dredging costs.

Depending on traffic levels, size of projects being launched, and wave action, a gravel ramp might work fine for some phases of the project.

70 ton travel lifts are fairly standard in the inland marine industry serving river boaters and yachters, with lift capacities into the multi-hundred tons not being at all unusual.


Nothing there and not a single price set down, anywhere.

Until the idea passes the Board there, it cannot proceed. With that approval, it still needs more levels of approval to begin to happen with purchase of the land and then start with just getting utilities in place and putting in the road-base.

If sliding yours down rails staked into place works for yours, would you be able to use the space to assemble and launch? Don’t rule out the only pending option to achieve your goals over long-term plans for a site that hasn’t even been purchased…

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Well, there’s a reason they aren’t as common as a home garage or lean-to shed. There’s a minimum amount of cost involved in such a facility. That’s why I would suggest phases, but there’s no getting around some entry barriers centered on cost.


As yet there is absolutely nothing but one small area with pipeline stuff in place in one small area, to work around. No way to monitor the property as utilities are installed, even though someone has to be there for that… 3.5 acres of weeds with a few scattered trees and fence on 2 sides.

If it goes through and it becomes a reality, it will be because there was a grand plan in the first place. Even if I had some unlimited budget, it isn’t planned for that. Using Shipping Containers for storage and noise-barriers is a pragmatic and practical solution, not some mega-million dollar solution. The main initial expenses are getting the property and getting utilities installed and even that has to all be approved.

How much of that will be my labor? I know how to do it and only have to meet certain standards, not necessarily hire expensive contractors for it. So, maybe I start with a large tractor, attachments, some supplies, fuel and a huge load of road-base… Hook up the bus to a temporary power pole and BOOM it has begun…

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Sometimes spending a bit up front can greatly ease cost to operate. On-going costs depend heavily on the amount and cost of (often specialized) labor, as much as anything else. I’ve run a business- just a handful of people, even at minimum wage, quickly runs into tens of thousands of dollars in monthly cost, and even if you let someone go, the state makes you continue paying for them if they decide not to get a job right away.


So… Quit without trying…?

If I don’t build my dreams, they will not just happen.

…, yet, as yet, all that has happened is the discussion of the whole thing and asking people to show they are willing to join if it happens…

Well, I’m committing to effort to make a dream happen, regardless of anyone else and nay-saying. I ditched a sweet nature spot, because, well, it’s a nature spot, overpiced and nothing was going to happen easily.

If this one doesn’t pan out, I’ll find another.

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I think you have a decent idea. I would work it along the lines of a standard boatyard business plan and modify it to meet your specific goals. I wouldn’t rely too much on the possibility of a grant, I would look for a low-cost entry way into starting something and getting a business loan- but that means it MUST have a feasible path to profitability, and that means you can’t start with an ideal of “this is going to cost no more than $300/month per customer” and never exceed that. You have to start with "this is going to cost {the sum of all included services divided by reasonable estimate of customer volume} and so I am going charge that much plus X% targeted profit margin so I can be a going concern and pay back my initial investment within X years.


Certain things hinge on a seed-funding grant. No, I do not expect it to be some huge amount and yes, I expect to do most of the labor involved in building it, to earn that seed-funding. That’s the only way it becomes possible.

For several years, now, there has been off-&-on discussion in this forum, fantasizing about having an incubator site… Well, here it is, a chance at just such a place… I’m just the one planning to put the rest of his life on the line to make it happen.

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“All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed — only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.” ― Nikola Tesla


This can happen. I’ve already put a long-term concept before one Board and waiting on approval before the next step.

It won’t be easy and may require additional fundraising, but I believe it to be worthwhile, or I would not be offering to shoulder this task.

If I can get this property, who would be willing to move there, bring your own RV, live off-grid while helping setup the in-ground utilities for hookups and other infrastructure, while building your vessel? It isn’t that I cannot do it, or even do all of it, but it will take a lot longer, if I’m the only one doing it… ‘Rent’ will help cover additional materials.

As yet, there is not even a temporary power pole. Cannot put one in until I have the property.

"All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed — only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.” ― Nikola Tesla

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Being as there is a residential neighborhood there, he will have to get city sewer connections.


As with any permitting process, it will all be one step at a time, one permit at a time. As I have said, so far, there is not even a temporary power pole, much less anything else for hookups. Until there is actual land to do something on, fretting too much over details gets unproductive.

Storage/enclosed work-space is intended to be ISO Shipping Containers. No, I do not own any, yet, nor the equipment to move them, nor the hookups to provide power to them, etc.

Hookups will meet the local requirements, which include aerobic treatment and a sprinkler system, if I understand correctly.

This whole thing will be an art of compromise, to even have the opportunity to do anything.

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