Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico


From what I’ve seen, people (in the area where Noboxes lives) have at least 3 different things going on that I do not find normal…

  1. they treat her as incapable (handicapped to them, means something close to brain-dead and physically helpless as well)

  2. the neighbors have bought and trained dogs to bark at any sound from her property, to the point she arrived with the cops on site, they even accused her of having a secret way out and off the property, despite her being gone in a car.

3)There seems to be an air of “handicapped people should be in institutions, not owning their own property, building useful things, or running their own businesses”

These are things I have witnessed, around her.

Her reactions tend to reinforce their mindset, but around them, I get mental images of “Deliverance”… Backwards, back-woods, inbred, genetic deficient… (you get the idea)

The disparity is such a clash that it really affects every aspect of her life, there.

(Larry G) #228

While I won’t dispute all that, it’s also not excusable to treat everyone of us the same way. Act like an asshole here, and it’s hard to imagine you any other way.

Frankly, it’s extremely tiresome.

(noboxes) #229

This is from the guy who had an arguement against me about houses he had no clue about.

(.) #230

Well, it is not just that. Getting on a boat, that would be my boat, an I would be the skipper,
and I constantly have to argue with people on that boat, and going out to see, and being
locked in on the same boat: inconvenient.

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Spark, i agree. That’s why i said years ago i would not be seasteading with anyone else. Sorry i am the asshole.

(noboxes) #233

And it started 2(?) years ago on another forum, where you decided to go after me for suggesting a boat can have more than one function. And most recently here, when you went after me over a house nearby that you were not aware of, but i was. You’d defend Octavian calling me a bitch/witch and for telling me to piss off, and you’d call me an asshole, before admitting you are wrong or appologising. It sooo resembles a sausage fest here.


I am currently gathering numbers for various expected costs toward the whole seed-funding proposal for the Incubator site.

First expected project is getting 5-place mini-RV ‘park’ setup as space with hookups, for people to come stay, while building/intermittent work/build process.

Concept includes a 60 ft wide combination slip/ramp that goes to the expected location depth of 2 meters/6.5 ft. Given a 25% margin of safety, that allows launch of vessels drawing up to 1.5 meters /4 ft. 10 in. and reasonable clearance for up to LOA for typical motor yacht builds of Waterline Length:~ 25’0" / 7.6m; Beam:~ 9’6" / 2.9m; Draft:~ 4’6" / 1.4m; a Texas Scow Sloop like the Spirit is 36’ LOD, 12’ 6" beam, 3’ depth of hull, 14" draft; maybe Parker Marine Scow #33 L.O.D 32’/L.W.L. 28’/ L.O.A. 33’6"/L.EXT. 43’2"/BEAM 11’9"/ RAFT 2’3.5" Board up, for example, even @Octavian’s’smallest module concept could be built and launched, as well as my initial Ramform at 32 ft Beam, 64 ft LOA and 32 inch draft, or the next larger at 48 ft Beam and 48 in, draft, as examples that can be built.

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I generally have little opposition to a ramp, and right now i have no clue to the details of the ramp you propose, but lemme be an asshole and note why the optional methods of launching a boat (which Octavian will truely hate) might be available at your site…

#1 The boat on the right is almost

#2 doing this

Besides, if someone claims your ramp is too steep or too slippery as their truck floats downriver…

Your truck is going to slide on that green stuff and go right into the water:

But i repeat, i am not against a ramp.


Yes, there are other ways to launch and, initially, if someone is in a hurry, they may try to implement them. However, the ramp can also serve to pull vessels out for repairs and as a source of income for single-use launching or loading. Other arrangements to use the ramp can also be income generators, depending on industries in the vicinity.

There are admixtures to prevent/reduce algal growth on concrete.

(Larry G) #237

A lot of public boat ramps without attendants see very little maintenance. Algae can be pressure-washed off from time to time.

Some kind of graving slips would seem very useful, or a travel lift with solid concrete piers to ride upon. It also seems advisable to have a revenue stream from more-common smaller vessels being launched.


I don’t “hate” anybody or any of the seasteading projects presented here. I just have an opinion about them.

If you want to spend your money building a ramp, go ahead sista’.

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Was not going to be my  money, i don’t have any! But i’m not going to be in JL’s way when he builds one. I was just sayin’ brudda, like thebastige said, and like JL said, other means of introducing a boat to the water would also be good. It’s so difficult talking to someone like you since so many words need using to cover so many caveats.


Anyway, back to the topic at hand…

First public airing of the initial layout:

First, the initial proposal is primarily for the land itself, as a place to setup operations. The 1st step after all the approvals will be to setup a few RV slots and the main drive, followed by obtaining some 40 ft shipping containers (preferably single-use insulated refrigeration units, then making gantry cranes for the work bays.

The roadwork is based on the turning-radius of large commercial trucks.

Red lines represent an existing pipeline.

The quads are 60 ft by 80 ft and can be broken into as many as four 40 ft by 30 ft areas, two 40 ft by 60 ft areas, two 30 ft by 80 ft areas, or one 60 ft by 80 ft area, with access to the utility right-of ways.

The double container can be similarly used as one, or two spaces, but is not in a location with reasonable access to power.

(Larry G) #241

What are the yellow and blue lines?


Blue lines are the utility right of way, yellow is the edge of the right of way for the pipeline

(Larry G) #243

Restrictions on building/paving over the gas pipeline?


No building, unsure of roadway, but paving isn’t essential. Caliche’ is all too common.


Suggested possible change increases RV slots, decreases build space.

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You are suggesting everyone there establishes their own account with the powerco? The drinking water provider? The internet provider? The telco? Someone showing up to be there a week has all that overhead to deal with before getting there, and closing it all down in a week? They cannot get power until the previous person’s payment has been credited to that meter, and that account closed?

If “no” on all points, then why is everyone going to be concerned with the utility rights of way? Just don’t put anything permanent there in their way should JL vacate the land.


I’m expecting complete builds, not just haul/assemble and leave. Some of these projects will be weekenders, coming to work on them as time allows. There will be a variety of options, based on a variety of factors.